Why Some Guys Get Laid Often While Others Only On Occasion

Last post I wrote was about 5 things you could do immediately to get more women. In a small part I mentioned how learning game and getting experience can dramatically reduce the number of approaches one has to make in order to score a bang.

Today, I want to talk about how to INCREASE your frequency of lays (how to get laid more often) purely by understanding the importance of NUMBERS.

I?m going to use two made up, completely average guys to prove a fantastic point. Let?s call them Joe 1 and Joe 2. Both Joes need to approach about 30 women in order to get a bang and they both spit the exact same game. However, Joe 2 get?s laid 12 times more often than Joe 1. So, how is this possible?

Let?s look at their strategies:

Joe 1 pretends to have high standards so he prefers the more traditional approach towards scoring women. He likes to sit back and make occasional attempts at girls that he deems worthy (either girls from his social circle or random approaches in a bar). Basically, this guy doesn?t have any prospects, but when he occasionally gets one, he very often fails (29 out of 30) and goes back to having no prospects. Because he rarely gets to talk to women, his game will remains in the same state, never having the chance to improve since the amount of interactions are so rare.

This means that he?s often overexcited when he does talk to women and rarely has the chance to blow his load. Sadly, this makes him focus all his mental power on 1 measly prospect at a time. Because this is how he rolls, his game gets weaker with time.

His current rate of approach is 2 a month which means Joe 1 barely gets laid once a year.

Joe 2 is hard working and prefers the player approach towards scoring women. He doesn?t like to sit back but rather he approaches as many women as he can on a regular basis (he?s got no time for social circle hookups). He does his best to approach at least 10 chicks a week. Because he moves so quickly he reaches 30 approaches within a month. This means that our friend Joe 2 here gets at least a notch per month. Because he does so many approaches and has somewhat regular sex, his game will also improve at least every 6 months.

While both guys have the same conversion ratio for sex, because Joe 1 has a crippled strategy, Joe 2 scores 12 times as more women. Considering that Joe 2?s game is also improving every 6 months, by the time Joe 1 hits that very first notch, Joes 2 has already lowered his sex conversion rate to 1 in 20.

What Does This Mean To You?

If you want to get laid a whole lot more often, you need to approach a whole lot more often.

In order to sleep with any one girl you have to do a number of approaches, if you?re like the Joes, that?s 30. Those approaches will yield at least 8 phone numbers. Those 8 phone numbers will turn into at least 4 dates and one of those dates will be your chance to bust your nut.

The big secret here is to constantly deal with dates/numbers/lays. You see, Joe 1 never does anything like this because his entire energy is focused towards that one prospect. He only deals with date/number/potential lay.

At the same time, Joe 2 is already juggling 2 numbers from the night before whilst still casually approaching more girls tonight. Not only does this result into many more lays but it also makes the ?flaking/failing? a very small or insignificant disappointment.

Having 3 date potential prospects already, one couldn?t care less about the chick that?s giving him a bad vibe after the approach. – You lose your fear of rejection ?

You might say? but Joe 2 has no standards, where is he going to approach that many hot girls?

It?s not that Joe 2 doesn?t have standards; he?s just very determined when it comes to taming his beast. There?s nothing like a clear mind to focus on the bigger issue in life. Truth is, if you really want this to work, you may have to approach girls that aren?t your first choice but, we all know your ?not so first choice? passes your boner test like a champ.

Bottom Line:

The secret to scoring often and in big numbers is to actually work on getting those numbers. Work hard and nothing else. Go out there in the real world, hit on some hotties, fail a couple of times but work towards that approach number because that?s really all it takes. Even if you?ve got NOT GAME AT ALL and your lay conversion number is 1 in 250, if you keep going you?re bound to get laid (think 30 approaches per night in 2 different venues, 3 nights out a week, you?re going to get laid by the end of this month).

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