The Secret Things She Does When She’s At Your Place

You may not even notice, but she has plenty of secret objectives when she is at your place. No matter what type of relationship you are in, you can bet that she has a sneaky hidden agenda.

Snoops through your stuff

Every woman will do it, given the opportunity. This may be as extreme as going through the messages on your phone or searching through your bedside table, or as innocuous as looking at the books on display on your shelves. Leave her in your bedroom for five minutes and she will have located her target, had a good snoop, noted things to look for next time, and assumed a non-suspicious pose by the time you come back. One way to avoid this is to give her a task when you leave the room, such as going through a photo album or magazine article. Something for her to snoop on that is sanctioned by you will prevent her from going through your things, as she will not have time to do both in the time you are gone.

Looks for your porn

If you have left your girlfriend unsupervised with your computer, I guarantee you that she has attempted to locate your porn collection. Depending on how tech-savvy she is, she may have done a cursory search on your computer, gone through your browser history and favorites, or trawled through every cleverly-named folder to find your hidden files. She also would have tried to locate any real-life stash, if she has had the opportunity. Depending on her sensibilities, she may be horrified if she finds anything at all, or she may be fine with it provided you are not into anything too weird.

Hides her body functions

Particularly if you have not known each other for long, she is still trying to keep up the pretense of having a digestive system lined with glitter and rainbows. Rest assured that her body functions in the same way as yours, and she goes to great lengths to hide that. This may include holding on, switching on the shower to obscure noises, and avoiding certain danger foods. If you say anything, she will likely be embarrassed. All you can do is wait until she gets sick of perpetuating the illusion.

Looks for signs of other women

Whether you are her one night stand or her serious boyfriend, she is going to look for obvious signs of another woman at your place. When she?s in the bathroom, she will open up cabinets looks for women?s beauty products. She will peek under your bed looking for stray underwear and condom wrappers. If she is particularly good at her detective work, she will hunt around for long hairs.

Samples your food

If she is left alone in your kitchen, she will open the pantry and fridge, sneaking bites of whatever takes her fancy. Even if she has the exact same food at her place, yours is somehow so much more exciting. Finally, you will understand why your food seems to be shrinking.


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