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    Stop Taking it Personally.

    Today I want to talk about a really really important topic for long term success with pickup, dating and relationships. It\'s the idea of not taking everything that happens ...


    Empathy and Pickup

    One of the biggest issues holding men back from meeting, attracting and dating the women they want, is the idea of empathy. Forget the dictionary definition of empathy, as w ...


    Prompting BF Objections in Day Game

      I really do think That my Day Game A to Z Mastery Program is the best thing ever on day game. But there is one tactic I have recently discovered that I wish I had ...


    The Becca Mistake

    I\'m writing this more for me than for you. Once upon a time someone said that if you make a really big mistake with a girl you should name it after her and then make sure t ...


    Updating The Secret Society Part 1

    Back in the day TD wrote a tongue in cheek post called \"The Secret Society\". In it he alleged that there was a secret sex society made up of women, gay guys and players. O ...


    The Secret Society Part 2

    In last week\'s piece, I broke down what the secret society or \"scene\" was composed of. In this article, I\'m going to break down the roles guys play in the Scene as well as ...