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    Taking A Break

    img Posted October 23, 2019

    Today, I\'m going to talk about something that is a little controversial. The idea that sometimes the only way to getter better at pickup, is to take a break from it. Fir ...


    Fashion Don’ts For Pick-Up

    img Posted October 16, 2019

    Short post today, inspired by how terribly most guys dress. I admit I am a little fashion obsessed and I am actively working on being less into it. However, 100% of all g ...


    My 2 Lists I Always Tell People to Make

    img Posted October 9, 2019

    It is not a sunny day here, it\'s actually raining really hard, which is great for me since I\'m only happy when it rains :) Anyway, For years and years and year I\'ve been ...


    #s and Pick-Up

    img Posted October 2, 2019

    It\'s Friday! That means for most of you it\'s time to put down the engineering or computer programming work and head out for your 2 nights of fun a week! I applaud that, ...


    What Emotions Do You Live In?

    img Posted September 25, 2019

    The emotions that we feel on a day to day basis, can be extremely addictive. In fact most Chemical dependencies are issues, not because the chemicals themselves are necessarily ...


    Gold Diggers and Distant Fathers.

    img Posted September 18, 2019

    Here\'s a pretty deep female psych piece so if that is not interesting to you, I don\'t know what to tell ya that doesn\'t begin with F and end in off. One of the things I\' ...

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