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    Drinking on the Job with @mtn_dew

    img Posted August 11, 2009

    TSB gets Awesome at the Diet Violet Dew Release Party I knew last Monday was going to be awesome before the awesomeness even got awesome. Yeah, that?s right. I just used awesome th ...


    Get Your Creep On: A Rite of Passage

    img Posted August 7, 2009

    Modern American culture probably has the most confused concept of masculinity in the history of men. That’s because we American males have it easy. We have no obligation to join ...


    The Five Stages of the College Breakup

    img Posted August 6, 2009

    Breaking up with someone is sort of like putting a pet to sleep, in that everyone finds it funny but you. Back in college, I remember after a break up, one of my “bros” ...


    Five Steps to Telling an Entertaining Story

    img Posted August 5, 2009

    Whether the audience is a boisterous horde of buddies perched over a pub table or a blind date seated across from you at a candlelit Italian trattoria, telling a story is the most ...


    Graduate’s Guide to Re-visiting Your Alma Mater

    img Posted August 3, 2009

    I know many readers of this site are in college, saw the title of this article, and exclaimed, “I don’t need a guide, I’m never leaving college. NEVER!” Listen up Peter Pan ...


    Generating Superficial Rapport: Connecting over Pop Culture

    img Posted July 30, 2009

    Pop culture is a social force that binds us with a collective unconscious. Advertising, movies, radio, Internet, and television constantly bombard our senses which condition our ta ...


    Cock-Blocked by Dad: A Date that will Live in Infamy

    img Posted July 29, 2009

    Cock-blocks. Show me a man who doesn’t cringe when he hears the word, I’ll show you a man who has never seen a naked woman. Every dude who has ever stepped foot on the battlefi ...


    Introducing the 7th Grade Party Theme

    img Posted July 28, 2009

    Putting the AID in GETTING LAID: Someone recently told me “theme parties” such as “80s theme” or “Toga parties” or the risqué “Pimps ‘n Hoes parties” are popular ...


    Every Dean Has Its Day

    img Posted July 27, 2009

    An IMDB Movie Synopsis about Getting Written up An outrageously intoxicated Rob Judge (played by Rob Judge) makes his starring debut in a no-holds-bars action/thriller/comedy that ...


    Dose of Truth Serum: How to REALLY Rate Hookups

    img Posted July 22, 2009

    I conceived a more honest hookup scale back in 2003. We were living in a Golden Age back then: Diddy was still Puff Daddy, the Razor was the coolest phone in the world, fat chicks ...

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