Complete Steps to a Seduction

Everyone has their own method of seduction. Below is a detailed report of one guy’s successful approach to meeting girls.

Method to Seduction

Now the actual techniques and steps:

1) The meeting, (get her attention): I meet women anywhere, I don’t alwaysgo out with the explicit purpose of meeting women. When I go to a club/bar, I go with friends to hang out, and while I am there enjoying myself if I
see a woman that I like I will approach her right off the bat. Now,
wherever I am, if I spot a woman I find very attractive I look for
something unique about her. If I notice something unique or different about
her looks or her behaviour I will use that as a conversation starter and
will try to follow up with some humour if possible. Eg: if I see a girl who
is a really good dancer, I’ll walk up to her with a straight look on my
face and say: “I notice that you seem to have an aura of intense energy
when you dance…..what the hell are you on?(implying she’s on ecstasy)”.

The other day I saw a chick wearing very
interestingly shaped sun glasses, I walked up to her, complimented her on
the shades and then started teasing by telling her that she was scaring
people by wearing shades that made her look like ‘Robocop’. If I notice
nothing particularly unique then I might just walk up to her and say “Hi,
You’re shapely figure/sense of personal style, etc.. got my attention, and
I am going to take a second to find out what you’re like before I go and do
“. Here is something very important: I have noticed that I need to interrupt the woman
and get her attentionbefore I can proceed. This accomplishes the effect of interrupting
her state and directing all her attention on me. I get her attention by using
powerful body language (chest pushed out, shoulders thrown back, relaxed
expression), moving into her personal space and by catching her by
surprise. This is similar to one of Mystery’s routines: Pop right in front
of the chick/group stick his hands out in front of them and ask for first
impressions. If some one did that to me out of the blue, it would interrupt
my mind from whatever I was doing/thinking and he would get all my
attention momentarily. This also reminds me of what GameMaster said
(paraphrased):”To get with a chick you have to shock her at some point to
interrupt her state”. This interrupting of state and getting their
attention right away has made a major positive difference in my approaches.
This also takes some practice because you need to have powerful body
language to effectively interrupt her and get her attention. I also
approach a woman the very second I see her, you can call it the 3 second
rule or whatever but the point is to do it without any hesitation. This is
VERY important. This can sometimes be hard to do if one is not in the right
mood or state of mind.

2) Getting the digits: After I get her attention, I talk to her for about
2-3 minutes about anything that I find interesting about her or the
situation, I get her to talk a little, if I did something interesting that
day I mention that. I add humour and tease her whenever the opportunity
arises. It is important to close at the height of the tension, when she is
the most excited or when she is laughing; it’s kind of a take away, which
leaves them wanting more; never keep talking until her excitement level
drops. As soon as I see that her excitement level is high, I say “Nice
meeting you, I have to get going, what is your contact info?”, they usually
offer their number at this point and I ask them to write it down. Now
here’s something important I do: I usually make them get either a pen or
paper, or both. I do not provide both for them to write it down. I usually
carry both and make the girl offer one of the two. If she has neither a pen
or paper, I offer a pen and ask her to go into a nearby store or up to the
bar for paper or ask her to look into her purse for one. I make her WORK,
and they usually oblige, and this works well for me. I always get a number,
email has NEVER worked for me so I always get her phone number.
I am very COMPOSED throughout the meeting, I do not smile too much or act
excited in any way. Kind of like in a James Bondish way. Notice that timing
is very important from the beginning till the end of the pick up: interrupt
her state, get her attention, make a specific complement, tease/humour, get
her to talk, when excitement is high just break it off and say you have to
leave and ask for contact info. All of this is done within 3-4 minutes.

3) Getting the first casual date: I call within the first 3-4 days. After a
minute of small talk, I tell them that I enjoy playing billiards and if she
would like to join me for a game of billiards and interesting conversation
on XX day at XX time. They either say OK, or offer another date/time OR act
flaky. In the first two cases things are fine and I have a date. If she
acts flaky, I have to deal with it and this is still an area where I am
experimenting and need to improve. Also, a lot of the women I deal with are
around 20-25 years old and are flaky by nature. I have tried everything I
have read here or anywhere else and none have worked as well as I would
like so I am still experimenting.

4) First casual date: For the meeting I show up a little late. Also getting
them to come over to my place before heading out worked well (I did this
when I used to live close to this nice cafe). At the beginning of the date
I act indifferent. At the beginning I rarely make eye contact with her and
act very aloof. I talk about anything that comes to my mind, joke about
things, tease her a bit. I find that most women experience dates with men
who try to be nice and too cordial right at the beginning. When I act kind
of indifferent and aloof in the beginning it throws them off balance, takes
away their power and makes them curious. I start to show more interest in
them and make more eye contact as the date progresses. During the
conversations I only explore and discuss things that I find interesting,
eg: if she talks about her grandma and I have no interest in that I will
change the subject, but if she talks about her latest camping experience I
will show genuine interest and ask her more about it. I show a genuine
interest in her, but only regarding aspects that interest me. I keep up the
teasing and humour slightly THROUGHOUT the date. Basically, I show a
genuine interest in her as a person while keeping up the mild teasing and
humour. I keep the conversation POSITIVE and FUN and stay away from heavy
conversations about marriage, relationships or overly emotional topics. I
also do not talk about my personal history and do not ask her about her
personal history either. If she asks me about my life and history I just
change the subject or give vague answers. I usually never give a woman a
direct answer. When she asks me a question I try to make the answer an
interesting story or anecdote, while at the same time not giving her the
exact information she wants. If you think about it, it is a power play. You
maintain your power by not giving her information she wants in her quest to
try to figure you out. Keep her guessing. I find that in order for a woman
to open up I have to open up a little first. I tell interesting stories
from my travels in Europe and funny experiences. I talk about my sky diving
and cliff jumping experiences. I feel that STORYTELLING is a very useful
skill to have and it has helped me tremendously, not only with chicks but
in other areas of life too. I talk about things I noticed about human
nature and differences in cultures. I talk about the latest book that I
just read, etc.. I also give her all my attention when she speaks and do
not interrupt her (unless she starts talking about something I have
absolutely no interest in). But occasionally I will look around and act
disinterested, again triggering her insecurities. I physically move around
and do something else. This is a VERY important part of the first date.
Sitting in a seat and talking to a chick for more than 40 minutes starts to
get boring and the excitement level drops down. So when the conversation
starts to lag, I’ll get her to come play a game of billiards with me. After
a game of billiards, maybe go for a walk or play darts, whatever, basically
I get some physical motion going and do other activities to keep things fun
and interesting.
I challenge them if they act disrespectful or bratty. This I feel is VERY
important. With this one girl, when I made sexual jokes she straight out
told me “I am getting bad vibes about you”, to which I replied “That is too
bad. I am just being myself and I want to have a good time with you, but if
you don’t like what I am saying then you are welcome to leave”. At the end
of the date, she ended up in my room in a heavy make out session with me.
Haaaah. Most women who are 10s play lots of such games and it is very
important to be on the lookout for these games and stand your ground as a
man and not even flinch. I openly talk about sexual topics but only a
little, and usually the woman gets into it. I think it is VERY important to
have at least a little conversation on sexual topics so that she is
thinking about sex in my presence. But the sex convo is very third
personish, just about sex in general and how people perceive it, but not
specifically about her or my experiences. I also add some sexual innuendo
here and there but not too much.
OK, now I have a rule and it is that I have to experience sexual chemistry
with a girl on the very first date. I always go for the make out and if she
resists a bit that’s fine, as long as she is cool with my stroking her
shoulders/hair and holding her hand. Basically, there should be some sexual

Getting the make out is easy as long as you follow the steps to the kiss
and here they are:

1) Invasion of personal space a little and staying in there to create
tension. Basically after she is a little comfortable with me I will start
standing closer to her and start gazing into her eyes more. I DO NOT touch,
just invade her personal space when speaking to her and gaze into her eyes.
This creates sexual tension.

2) Then I gently hold/massage her hand. This can be done by doing palm
reading. I do it differently, I tell her a story that involves parts where
I have to hold her hand and stroke it a bit.

3) After I’ve invaded her space (only after she is comfortable with me) and
held her hand, then I will stroke her arms/shoulders and smell her neck
(without actually touching it: tension and arousal) to see how she
responds. If she responds well then she IS GAME and I go for the kiss. If
at any step there is resistance, I back off a little, give her more
distance, chat a little longer and go back to that step. It is VERY
important to go step by step, you can speed up the steps but you must not
skip steps.
I use cocky and funny humour even during the make out stage by accusing her
of being too forward, etc…(thanks, Sisonpyh.) After I kiss her, towards
the end of the date, I tell her straight out that I am not looking for a
relationship and just want to be friends and get to know her better. This
usually throws them completely off. At this point I tell her my views on
dating and relationships, which basically goes something like this: I think
people jump into relationships too soon. I like to see someone for sometime
before I even think of a relationship with that person. So at this stage
let’s just hang out as friends and have a good time.
Now, I do ALL of this on the very first date. My first dates are usually
about 2 hours long if things go smoothly and I enjoy her presence. If I
don’t enjoy talking or hanging out with her I will say bye and leave
sooner. That is how I operate. I do not try to sleep with her on the first
Here is something important that I do: I do NOT give them a good night
kiss. After making out, they expect a good night kiss at the end but I do
not give it. If they make a move to kiss me I kind of move away and joke
about her being too forward. This keeps them wondering about me and curious
when they go back home.
After all this, how soon I end up sleeping with the woman depends on the
woman and how things go between us. It varies, but usually within the first
5 meetings. I like to take my time as I only want to sleep with women that
I like spending time with and want to keep around for a bit.
I always keep control of the date. I direct things. I never allow her to
control me. I throw her off balance and keep her wondering. I will
challenge her and may even walk out if she disrespects me or acts in a way
I don’t like.
Ok, so I have built strong chemistry and interest that will lead to sex
soon. If I start seeing a chick regularly, here are some general thoughts
on how to behave with them..

1) I always treat them well. I see them as a friend and lover. So after
I’ve been seeing them for sometime, I talk to them about very intimate
things just like I would with a best friend, and I also show a genuine
interest in them as person and find out as much about them as I can.
Remember that I only sleep with women I enjoy being with so this is easy
and pleasurable.

2) I always keep control of the relationship. I keep teasing them always. I
always do what I want and NEVER give in to her demands. If they disrespect
me I blow them away. eg: My girlfriend was more than twenty minutes late
for a dinner date once and she did not call to tell me she would be late,
so I just cancelled plans, went to a nearby cafe and ordered food for
myself. She went to my place then came to the cafe looking for me,
apologizing profusely and without a valid excuse for being late. I told her
that I have cancelled the plans and that after I’m done eating the food I
am going to read a book. She has always been showing up 5 minutes early for
all our meetings since then.
OK, so that wraps it up.

Everyone has their own method of seduction. If yours isn’t getting you the kind of ass that you would like to be getting I seriously recommend Mystery’s Magic Bullets. It is by far, the best book on seduction. It gives the most pratical advice and examples.

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