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Some More Info on the TSB Dominican Man Transformation Retreat

ManHere is some more information about our Man Transformation Retreat weekend in the Dominican Republic. The dates are being decided right now between Mid July or August. We can only accommodate a maximum of 10 guys on this retreat weekend, so if you are interested please email me immediately at Bobby(at)

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Man Transformation Details

The dates of the retreat are Thurday August 21 to Sunday August 24th.

The goal of this weekend is to provide you with a foundation that you can continue to build on in your quest for personal and social growth.

We will achieve that goal by creating an atmosphere that promotes individuality, bonding, openness, and the highest level of learning.

Why a Man Formation Weekend?

We chose to do a Man Formation weekend because your ability to get in touch with the man inside of you will ultimately shape your destiny. Each of us has followed a different path, but each of our paths has led us to the same place.

Mike and I believe that too much focus has been placed on becoming a pickup artist, and not enough focus has been placed on becoming the kind of man who naturally attracts women. We know that changing your life has to happen from the inside out. The only way to truly be happy and successful is to be your best self.

With the help of Life Coach Justin, Mike and I plan on helping you guys become your best self You will learn that there already exists a file -that has not been downloaded just yet- of a new you.

What kind of things will we be going over?

  • Finding Your Passion
  • Giving you a real understanding of exactly what inner game is
  • Creating a blueprint for your life
  • Taking women off of the pedestal
  • Using your personal interests and desires to create your own openers and routines
  • Using posture and body language to boost your inner game
  • Getting in state and maintaining that state in the face of obstacles, shit tests, and rejection.
  • Walking the fine line between being alpha and being an asshole
  • Visualizing your outcome
  • Overcoming approach anxiety
  • Realizing that seduction isnt a dirty word and every girl desires to be seduced.
  • Learning the different archetypes of a seducer and figuring out which one you fit into
  • Bringing out the natural seducer inside of you
  • How to tell if a girl views you as a fan or the man
  • How to build a social circle
  • And much more

How will the lessons be taught?

The three day and night classes will extremely intensive. We are keeping the group to under 10 students which will allow us to work individually with students.

The learning will be from a mixture of open discussions, lectures, group exercises, one on one time, female interactions at the villa. Much of it will be question and answer and tailored to work on your individual problem areas.

In the evenings we will go out to bars and clubs. The evenings will be very laid back. Each of the students will provide us with what they feel are their problem areas… And we will help them work on it in field.

Will the trip be fun?

If you guys know Mike Stoute and Bobby Rio by now, then you know that this weekend will be a blast. Both Mike and I realize that learning is meant to be fun.

Can you imagine spending a weekend with a group of likeminded guys, in a villa in the Caribbean, with hot Dominican girls, and even hotter foreign tourists and it not be fun?

How much will the trip cost?

The cost of the 3 night seminar is $975. That price includes the seminar, your accommodation in the villa, 3 meals a day, all your drinks at the villa, taxis, and course materials (special book and CD program created for this weekend)

The cost also includes 4 weeks of follow up tele-seminars. These will be a weekly conference call with all group members to help them maintain the state that was created over the weekend.

You will need to purchase airline tickets to Puerta Plata airport in the Dominican Republic. You will also need money if you plan on drinking at the bars and clubs and for any additional things you may want to purchase or take part in.

The Finer Details

The villa will comfortable sleep the size of the group, but everyone will most likely have a roommate for the weekend. Sort of like the mansion in the Pickup Artist.

We figure that the close living quarters will promote male bonding and sharing of ideas.

Women will be a plenty in the Dominican Republic so dont forget to pack your condoms!!!!

Listen to our recent podcast where we answer some questions about the retreat.


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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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