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We love gadgets around these parts. (Take note, makers of gadgets who want to send them to people!) And so it pained us to not be able to head over to the annual CES convention in Las Vegas last year. Every year, this is where most of the biggest gadgets of the future are introduced and over-hyped. Luckily, seeing as a reporter need only to catch a train to Vegas and they’re basically given a few months worth of free gadget stories, the event is especially well-covered. And one of the better roundups we’ve seen of the event is over at Men’s Health.

Two of the things that we simply fucking LOVE at CES:

Casio TRYX

Boasting more joint-twisting moves than your average circus contortionist, the 12.1 megapixel Casio TRYX literally stands out in a field of business-as-usual point-and-shoots. We?ll be the first to admit that it?s a bit of a novelty, but that?s exactly why aspiring photo enthusiasts ought to crave it. It bends, it flexes, it flips, it?s packed with interesting photo modes like high dynamic range imaging and slide panaroma, and it?s relatively cheap. In essence, it?s a license to cultivate your creative skills as a photographer by experimenting with the art of angles before stepping up to more serious hardware. $250


Motorola XOOM

The XOOM is not the first tablet to run Google’s Android operating system?and that’s a good thing. While the first batch of Android-powered slates got the job done, they all used an older, retrofitted version of Google’s mobile operating system?the technological equivalent of running a race with two left shoes, both the wrong size. Motorola’s 10.1-inch XOOM however is distinguished by the fact that it will use Google’s newest version of Android, 3.0 (“Honeycomb”), when the device becomes available later this spring. That custom fit gives the tablet?s other standout features, like 4G connectivity and dual-core processor, the interface, apps, and stability necessary to make the most of the device. Price TBA.

So, you know, if any gadget folks wanted to send along one of these in our direction — just to, you know, test it out and write a review — we’d be more than happy to give you our address.

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