5 Moves That Make You Look Like a Creeper

?Oh my God, this guy is totally creeping. Let?s get out of here.?


Stop being creepy

The nemesis of any good party. The guys who cockblock the rest of us by scaring off all the single ladies. Whether you know it or not, you have probably committed some form of creepy behavior in a social situation.

In a house party scenario with a bunch of random people, girls are wary of the dreaded creeper and often misinterpret your intentions. You should be aware of this fact and do everything possible to not come off looking like sleaze bag.

Word travels fast about creepy guys, and your reputation probably can?t handle that type of embarrassment. In this article, I?ll cover 5 moves at a party that make you look like Creepo McWeirdass.

1. Standing in a Corner Sipping

I often see guys doing little to interact socially at a party. They find a nice corner, post up, and observe from the sidelines. This is probably the fastest way to be labeled a creep. At a party, girls are rarely looking for the nice shy guy in the corner.

Your shifting gaze will make the ladies think you?re staring at them, and they will soon feel uneasy.

2. Bumping into Girls

This is not always true, but it definitely is if you?re fat and/or ugly.

Girls don?t want to feel your sweaty carcass brush up against them. They don?t want to feel your warm, disgusting breath on the back of their neck. Unless you know you have game and don?t smell like shit, avoid forcing your way through a crowded area at a party.

3. Pouring Your Drink in a Girl?s Cup

I?m not sure what the thought process behind this move is, but I have seen it several times.

No girl is going to see you do this and think, ?Yay, what a nice guy giving me that refill!? She?s going to think, ?Wow, did he just put something in my drink?? or ?Is he trying to get me really drunk?? Let the ladies drink at their own pace. A much better way to get girls drinking more is to play drinking games.

4. Continuing to Try to Talk to a Girl After She?s Given You the Slip

Some guys just don?t know how to take a hint.

If you struck up a conversation with a girl and she found some excuse to walk away within 20 seconds, there is a strong possibility that she wasn?t feeling you.

Take this for what it is and move on. Do not persist with your advances or she will quickly become uncomfortable.

5. Being Excessively Drunk

A select few guys are able to be charming and desirable when they are blackout drunk.

Most dudes, however, end up slurring their words, getting too handsy, falling down, or committing some other social faux pas. If there are a lot of girls around, just do yourself a favor and remain coherent. Too often, girls just get weirded out when you reach extreme levels of intoxication.

The Moral of the Story

Most guys don?t have too much trouble avoiding the items on this list, and for many they are common sense. However, creepy behavior is still rampant on the college party scene, so take this advice to heart.

Trust me. You do not want to be labeled a borderline sexual predator.

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