Must-Read: Be Chivalrous, Not Macho

There’s a very fine line a lot of us tend to walk on whenever we’re dating someone, and that line is about how we treat our girls. Sometimes, it’s expected of us to be a certain way, as in, to defend their honor and to treat them right and to open the door for them and to make sure they’re taken care of. This is the way we should act. But at the same time, that way to act is VERY CLOSE to those kinds of guys that just treat their women as inferior beings that they need to take care of. It may seem like two entirely different concepts, and it sort of is, but they’re of the same family. As such, one needs to make sure they’re going about dating in the right way.

And so today, to distinguish between the two, we’re heading over to where they have a look at the ten different ways that you need to be aware of being chivalrous over being macho. Sure, that concept is a bit strange. But you’ll see what we mean with this entry:

Do: Defend Her Honor

Don’t: Defend your smudged Nikes.

Without a noble cause, knights were pretty much just vigilantes. So if you do find yourself slapping your proverbial glove across another man?s face in challenge, make sure it?s for the only cause worthy of being called “noble” and that?s in defense of your lady. Neither being looked at funny nor the supremely uncouth cab-upstreaming are adequate reasons to incite a duel.

So head on over to the link above to check out the rest of the ways that you need to make sure you’re treating her in an appropriate way. Because when you think you’re acting great, you may actually be being the worst dick around.

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