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How to Get a Girl Infatuated with You



Guys get infatuated with girls much more often than girls develop crushes on guys.

That’s how it seems to work out most of the time, right?

You become attracted to a girl, and then you have to work (hard) to try and get her to become attracted to you.

Yeah, it does seem to happen effortlessly for some guys. One minute he is talking to a hot girl and the next she is all over him and basically begging him to take her back to his place.

Why doesn’t it happen like that for you?

I want you to think about something for a second. Think hard. Because there have probably been girls who developed serious crushes and lusted after you. BUT they were NEVER the girls that you wanted.

Am I right?

infat2Here is what you have got to realize. The way you acted and the things you did without even thinking about it made this overweight or ugly girl become attracted to you.

More importantly, all girls become attracted to guys for the same reasons. So the same “ingredients” that made this unwanted girl lust after you can be used to make a hot girl want you just as much.

When I first figured this out, it was actually depressing in a way.

I thought back to all the times that I had spent weeks or months chasing after a hot girl that I really wanted only to have her shoot me down when I made my move. All because I didn’t understand this one simple idea.

The Ingredients of Infatuation

So what are these ingredients for infatuation?

It starts with getting her to think about you. Girls are better at this than guys, frankly.

Think about it: What makes you want to chase a girl?

She sends you mixed signals, right? Sometimes she seems into you. But other times she seems like she is bored or not interested.

When she seems interested, you think that there is attraction – that she wants to date you, spend time with you, and even have sex with you.

And when she seems disinterested, you spend your time thinking about what to do to regain her attraction. She is sending these mixed messages on purpose. And it is really effective, because it makes you want to chase her even more.

The confusion draws you in. It makes you spend more and more time thinking about her.

The key is that this works for girls in exactly the same way it works for guys. That means that if you learn how to master the art of sending mixed signals, she will want to chase you.

8 Reasons You Should Send Mixed Signals

Hot and Cold.

He likes me, he likes me not.

But hold on a second.

It is easy to get this wrong. You have to learn to balance your signals, otherwise she will just think you are a jerk or she won’t realize that you are attracted to her at all and anything else you do will be pointless.

Once you really learn this, it will seem like you can actually control what she is thinking about you.

And there is one more thing that you need to think about before you are ready to start learning how to master mixed signals. When you do this, there will be times when you will have to step back and let whatever you have said to her take effect in her mind.

Most guys find this very hard to do. This is especially the case with guys who are using this approach for the first time. Maybe the guy really likes the girl and he is worried that he may have screwed it up. So he texts her or calls her looking for a sign that she is still interested in him. But this contact will completely undo what he has done.

You have to trust this strategy completely for it to work.

*** So learn all the nuances of sending mixed signals well (There are even some templates here that you can use if you are not sure how to start).

Trust me. Once you understand this, it will make complete sense. And once it works for the first time, you will have total confidence in it.

What Makes a Girl Become Infatuated with You

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