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How to Be “The Man” (even if you’re not)

Back in college I had this friend Mike who had a saying?

“If you think you’re the man, and you act like the man? then other people will think you’re the man? and then YOU ARE THE MAN.?

That little delusional piece of ?self talk? took him very far in college.

Now for those of us who knew Mike, we kind of found it funny when he started BELIEVING his own hype.

But what was even funnier?

Was that he was right.

The more he believed his own hype. The more other people believed it.

And soon his ?status? exploded around campus.

For no good reason other than he began ACTING like a he was a big deal.

Now, this doesn?t mean he bragged, acted conceited, cocky, or through a lot of money around or anything like that?

What it REALLY MEANT was he acting unintimidated by any one.

He acted like he deserved to be there.

He acted like he EXPECTED her to say yes.

He acted like he had LOTS of options.

The more he acted this way, the more the people around him began to see him as a PLAYER.

Here is how ?delusion? can become a self fulfilling prophecy.

I remember Mike had got this girl Joy?s phone number one night at a bar.

She was one of the hottest girls he had ever gotten a phone number from.

And we suspected he would blow it rather quickly.


By this point, Mike had already begun to believe his hype and instead of becoming ?needy?, clingy, insecure like he normally did around girls he liked?

With Joy, he actually acted laid back, non-needy, and soon, SHE was putting in the effort.

It was TRANSFORMATIONAL for us to watch.

And it was one of the earliest realizations for me that THOUGHTS MAKE THE MAN.

Unfortunately the reason many guys struggle with girls is because they still THINK like a guy who doesn?t get girls.

And when you think like a guy who doesn?t get girls. You act like a guy who doesn?t get girls. And when
you act like a guy who doesn’t get girls people assume you don?t get girls.

And then guess what?

You. Don?t. Get. Girls.

I think a large part of the problem is that many guys don?t know how ?Players? think.

Which is why I took the time to study their mindsets. To study the decisions they made. The way they think.

And I identified 7 ?core mindsets? that all players share.

These are the exact mindsets that MAKE THEM PLAYERS.

And I teach them in The Player?s Paradigm.

Now, this program is only $9. Don?t let the low price fool you. This is POWERFUL stuff.

I kept the price so low for one reason. I think it is THAT important that you learn this.

So check it out.

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