Overcoming the “I have a boyfriend” Line

Yes… yes I hate that line. So what to do when she tells you she has a boyfriend. Below is badboys advice. His advice is usually worth reading. Have you checked out Badboy’s ebook?

When She Says “I have a boyfriend” by Badboy

Not every girl will tell you this, but it will happen once in a while if you go out a lot and talk to a lot of girls. A lot of guys get thrown off when a girl tells them this, but from my experience, it really doesn’t matter.  The most important thing is to not get afraid or think you don’t have any chances with her just because she mentions this.  A BIG percentage of hot girls have boyfriends or at least someone they can call that if they feel like it. Even if their relationship sucks (no sex, guy is a loser) she will still have him on the side for safety until she finds a better replacement. I know a really hot girl who’s boyfriend doesn’t go out of the house and their relationship totally sucks. She is out all the time searching for a replacement, but she is not going to dump him until she finds a new guy. That’s because girls hate to be alone. They usually jump from relationship to relationship, from guy to guy, similar to the way a virus jumps to a new body, eats out all the resources, and then jumps on to the next victim.

So the best advice is when she tells you that she has a boyfriend, just ignore it DON’T talk about it. Changing topics casually and ignoring it is the best possible strategy. Then continue to game normally. In most cases they tell you so you are aware of it and are guilty as well if she cheats on him and to make sure you are okay with that. Also if you have a girl who is in a real relationship and isn’t willing to cheat (right now), don’t just throw her out of your life. Keep her as a friend. Not so close so that you become a full-time friend, but just so that she stays in your life, send text messages and talk from time to time

Why do this? It’s a long term plan. It doesn’t cost you anything to stay in touch with her, and you will benefit down the road. More…What usually happens is, a girl gets in a relationship with a guy and she is happy. Instantly, all guys who were into her disappear. Then six months later, she will break up with the boyfriend and she will search from scratch for a guy to get laid. If you are still in her life, she will call you first.

A little advice on this: Don’t be too close with her. See her once a month and send messages every week or so. Invite her out with your friend or even other girls you are dating to be more efficient with your time and create a little jealousy. Don’t hit on or try to do anything sexual when she is with him.

Just be a really cool guy she knows. Right now, I have 5-6 girls who are in relationships and I am still somewhere in their life. I know sooner or later, they will call again and then it will be really easy to escalate things. This is obviously not the only game plan you should focus on. The bulk of your time should be spent getting girls who are ready and willing to sleep with you now, but think of this like a bonus level where every so and then you get a bonus lay, and it doesn’t cost you anything except a very small investment of time.

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