Derek Vitalio’s Seduction Science

I’ve been in the process of listening the audio and reading the workbook for Derek Vitalio’s Seduction Science Program. I have been finding some real gems in the program and I wanted to share some of them with you. If you don’t already own this course I highly recommend checking it out….

Seduction Science Review

Here’s some of what I have useful so far…

When a girl says something that you like, say “That’s so cool!” then high five her. She’ll bond with you right there on the spot. (I completely agree with this. Girls are more eager for you to approve of their personality then to find them attractive. If you watch the Office you can see this kind of relationship between Jim and Pam. It creates amazing rapport)

Present a woman with a false choice, like “Would you like to meet me for coffee tomorrow or meet me at my place on Saturday?” (What this does is establish that you’re not intimidated by her. Sure you’re only making a joke, but you’re also throwing the idea out there.)

Challenge her to a game of thumb wrestling or ‘rock,scissors, paper’. (Yes its silly but girls love it. Once again think Jim and Pam from the Officce. Instant Rapport)

Are you looking for a girlfriend- for one night stands- to have threesomes- first, know what it is that you want and it will come to you in abundance. (Completely true. One of the biggest mistakes I made for awhile was I was going after a girlfriend, when at the time what i really wanted was some casual sex. You have to really know what you want. Not what you think you want. Be honest with yourself. Because if you’re not then you won’t be congruent.

I will continue to review this great product as I have the time. In the meantime if you’d like to learn more check out Seduction Science.

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