How to Improve Your Conversation Skills (podcast)

How to Have Better Conversations with Women

liam's captivating conversation skillsAwhile back I sent out a survey asking you guys what topic you would most like a podcast about… and the answer was overwhelming…. “Conversation skills.”

In order to ever truly get better with women it is absolutely essential that you build this skill.  In fact, I firmly believe that the ability to hold and carry a conversation can take you further in life than any other skill.

Talking (especially to women) did not come natural to me… I spent a lot of years working on it and trying to improve… so creating a podcast that I really believe will help you was a high priority for me.   This podcast also sparked a renewed interest in the area of improving our conversations with women… more importantly our “small talk.”

So, in addition to this podcast, I have also put together a free report called Small Talk Tactics.  The report is all about how to turn boring “small talk” into something fun and playful.  You can download the free report here.

In this 65 minute podcast you’re going to learn:

  • The biggest obstacles and roadblocks men face in their conversations with women
  • How to avoid some of the common and damaging mistakes that kill conversations
  • How to quickly create “rapport” with any woman you’re talking to
  • What sort of things you should be talking about- and what you should avoid…
  • The #1 biggest reason most conversations “stall out” and how you can easily avoid this
  • and much more…

Download the Podcast

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And don’t forget to grab a free copy of the Small Talk Tactics Report.  This will completely change the way you look at small talk.

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