This Is Real? “Butt Fighting” in the Strip Club

Look Out For This At The Strip Club

If you’re heading to the strip club and you see a Brazilian-looking lady heading your way, think twice before you take her into the private dance room. With a simple language mix-up — and let’s be honest here, not many of the Brazilian strippers out there know English — you could wind up on the (ahem) raw end of this new fad that’s going around: “Butt Fighting.”

According to Gawker, who has been investigating this as far as possible, this is a real thing. And while it looks kind of fun — who wouldn’t like an ass in their face? — it certainly seems relatively dangerous. I mean, think of the whiplash that comes with a professional butt-smash like that. Sure, this might be kind of fun the night-of, but make sure you have a full explanation for why your neck and back hurt the next week for both your wife and your place of employment. (Note: Using the explanation of “trying to give myself a blowjob” probably won’t work either.) In any case, if you are heading out to the strip club and either see this or experience the dreaded “butt fighting” yourself, please let us know here at TSB.

The best part of the video, however, is that it led me to discover this already well-discovered video of a girl popping a water balloon on her white shirt. Bonus!

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