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Happy Friday: Pay Your Strip Club Bill

We’ve all been there. Some of us, a lot more times than others. You’re passing the late night hours at a strip club,

ordering all sorts of drinks, getting all sorts of lap dances, when you decide it’s time to head out. But before you go, you have to get your credit card that has the many, many, many, many transactions that have transpired throughout the evening. And there’s that moment that passes where you imagine what would happen if you just leave and never pay the bill. Of course, since you’re drunk, it doesn’t really come to you that they would probably just charge the card they already have, meaning you’d have to pay anyway.

BUT, there have been a surprisingly decent amount of guys that have tried this strategy before of simply not paying what you owe at a strip club. And has been good enough to put together a list of the biggest unpaid strip club bills of all time. Here’s number one:

1. $241,000
The granddaddy of all enormously out-of-control, unpaid strip club bills? The $241,000 tab that Robert McCormack, an executive from Missouri, managed to rack up at Scores. McCormack refused to pay, admitting only that he had probably spent only $20,000, which is still quite a few clams to throw down on lap dances and cocktails. A lawsuit involving McCormack, his (former) employer Savvis Communications Corp., Scores and American Express was eventually settled confidentially out of court. A hat’s off and slow clap to you, sir.

Looking back, we guess if there’s one thing to be learned from all of these tales, it’s to operate on a strict cash-only basis at strip clubs. And also, never, ever go to Scores, because that place is crazy expensive.

Yowza. That certainly is a decent amount of private lap dances. In any case, the whole list is worth a gander before heading out for the weekend and putting your own massive strip club tab together.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone. Make sure to tip your performers.

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