Interview: Zach Browman of High Status Humor

I recently had a chance to talk to Zach Browman, creator of High Status Humor.  In this short interview you’re going to learn some tips and tactics for successfully adding more humor into your interactions with women.

1. What are the biggest mistakes guys make trying to be funny or use humor?

There are a number of big mistakes you can make when trying to use humor that’ll ruin your chances with the girl you’re interested in. The biggest one is unconsciously communicating to the woman that you’re using humor to impress her or get her to like you. This undermines your status and attractiveness as a man and just make her think of you as her “funny friend.”

This desire to impress her can manifest as:

Making too many jokes

Often guys are too serious with girls they’re intimidated by when a little humor is exactly what they need to open her up. But other guys swing too far the opposite way and feel like they’ve got to be a stand up comedian to get her interested. Being able to alternate between humorous and serious conversation puts you in control of where things are headed and makes the humor look more spontaneous instead of something you’re racking your brain to come up with.

Playing it too safe with your humor or going too far and being inappropriate

A lot of guys are afraid to offend the girl so they’ll only use ‘clean humor’ or humor that takes aim at people pretty much everyone dislikes. High status men aren’t as concerned with social conventions and enjoy pushing the boundaries a little bit. This can also go too far though and you can come across socially clueless and insensitive.

Guys who are good with women use edgy humor but know where to draw the line.

Those are just a few of the mistakes guys make when trying to use humor. I outline many more in the High Status Humor Program.

2. What type of humor is the best for attraction building?

The best type of humor for creating and building attraction uses what I call “High Status Role Play.” When guys who are good with women joke around, they often do it in a way that implies some sort of relationship between them and the woman. For example, if you give a girl a hard time about, say, a band or singer she likes, it implies that you’re the authority and you decide what’s cool and what’s not and she’s expected to live up to that.

This creates attraction because even though she knows intellectually you’re ‘just joking’ her emotions respond to the dynamic of the relationship as if what’s happening isn’t make-believe at all.

Our emotions respond to ‘make believe’ powerfully even though we know it’s not real. It’s why movies can make us feel joy, relief, or sadness – sometimes even to the point of tears: Intellectually we KNOW they’re just actors playing their roles, but our emotions respond as if what’s happening were real.

To put it simply, if you joke around as if you’re a character who has certain high status qualities, women will get turned on as if you really possessed them. There are a number of easy stock ‘characters’ you can have in your back pocket that not only create attraction in women, but make it really easy to think of funny things to say.

When you understand the character, you don’t need to memorize or think up ‘jokes’; you just react as the character and the comedy literally creates itself.

3. Can you give an example of a humorous exchange that would also serve to build attraction

Absolutely. This one’s fairly advanced and it’s all about the delivery. If you get the delivery wrong, you’ll just look like a jerk. I was at a friend’s Halloween party and there was this very cute girl dressed as an angel sitting quietly at the table where we all were talking. We’d been talking in a group for about 10 minutes and she hadn’t said two words.

All of a sudden there was a pause in conversation and I turned to her and said “Would you shut the f— up? Maybe let somebody else speak for a change?” Since she hadn’t said anything it was obvious that I wasn’t serious and she burst out laughing. After that I turned and started talking to her one-on-one. Within 5 minutes we were in the hostesses bedroom… and she was doing most un-angel-like things. After a short time in the bedroom, she went out and invited her friend who – coincidentally – was dressed as a devil.

You can’t make this stuff up.

4. What exactly will guys learn in High Status Humor

The High Status Humor Program teaches step-by-step techniques for being not just funny but High Status Funny in any situation. The emphasis is on the step-by-step part. Each comedic formula is broken down into simple easy-to-follow instructions.

They’ll learn:
– How to RECOGNIZE opportunities to use humor based on what she says and what’s going on around you (this is half of being funny).
– The 6 High Status Humor characters and how to use them in different situations and with different women to never be at a loss for words.
– How to ‘think funny’ so making women laugh becomes effortless and you don’t come across try-hard.
– Delivery secrets of comedians that will make or break your witty comment.

One of my favorite things about the program is that it was filmed with a live group of guys going through the process. After each exercise, the students give examples so you can see all the different ways High Status Humor can work for different personalities. It’s amazing to see how everyone’s sense of humor transforms over the course of the program. By the end, they turned into a very funny group of guys who were constantly cracking me up!

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