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5 Ways to Have Fun Working Out

Everyone wants to look and feel good. Most people don’t. Why? A lot of folks, guys and gals alike, can’t bring themselves to go out and get some exercise. One of the biggest reasons is that people feel like working out is a chore.

Make it fun!

But it doesn’t have to be. I used to be one of those people and dreaded any form of physical exertion. Now, I look forward to hitting the gym (almost) every day. If you want to develop better habits and whip yourself into shape, follow these five tips to have more fun working out.

1. Play a Game

Whether it’s basketball, racquetball, golf, or volleyball, most sports are a great chance to get the heart pumping and use your body. Often times, playing a game can be so absorbing and fun that you almost forget you’re doing yourself a favor and improving your health!

2. Focus on the End Result

I suspect that people who hate working out do nothing but think about how difficult it is to lift these weights or how much it hurts to run this mile while they’re doing it.

This attitude is a one-way ticket to burnout and frustration. If you can focus on the end result of your work out—stress relief, increased energy, better health, more positive outlook—it is much easier to want to feel the burn and push yourself to do that little extra.

3. Do it Outdoors!

This one may not be possible in colder climates or during the winter, but I’ve found that some of my most delightful workouts are walks or jogs outside during nice weather. Rather than focusing on the activity, notice the natural details around you and smell the fresh air. Research has even shown that exposure to sunshine has a host of health benefits and helps us to live longer!

4. Be Friendly

When I go for a jog or hit the gym, I always try to smile at people, compliment their dog, hold the door open, say excuse me, and even make small talk when appropriate. I’ve found that this gives me a sense of community with other people who are living a healthy lifestyle. And, positive social interaction is a great way to naturally boost confidence.

5. Find a Partner

Exercising with a friend is often crucial to developing the habit and increasing your motivation. Find someone you really get along with who will encourage and push you to get the most of your workout time. Feeling like you’re supported in your efforts is key in most of life’s difficult undertakings, and improving your health is no exception.

It’s Up to You Now

Hopefully this list has inspired you to think differently about what it takes to lose 20 pounds or to sculpt the body of your dreams. It truly does not have to be the burden that it may have seemed. So give these suggestions a try and keep a positive mindset! I wish you all the best.


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