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Pouncing on the Female Sexual Cycle

Sexual decision making especially when it comes to the idea of the modern female sexual cycle, is a pretty interesting concept.

When it comes to sexual decision-making, what I think the most important thing is what I call the modern female sexual cycle; and the modern female sexual cycle is my own kind of creation over being out in the world and approaching girls in a lot of different situations and realizing that sometimes girls are out to get laid. Sometimes they’re in, what I call?actively single mode. Other times they’re in relationships and they’re happy, and other times they’re in relationships looking. Other times they’re on the rebound, and there are all these different things.

So let’s start this explanation of the modern female sexual cycle by starting with a girl who is actively single. And when I say actively single I mean she’s going on dates with multiple people, she’s not necessarily looking for a boyfriend. Actively single is when girls have most of their one-night stands, it’s when girls are going to be easier to get into bed, it’s when there is more talk of enjoying themselves, and more talk of kind of doing themselves, and you know, being free and hanging out with their girls, and not taking things too seriously.

Actively single is a great time to meet girls. After actively single comes… single and looking?and single and looking is when the girl is now gone on one too many bad dates, or had an STD scare, or a pregnancy scare, or had a bad situation happen with a guy, or even she starts dating one guy or even she starts dating one guy, you know, non-seriously, and now she’s really into this guy and she wants to be his girlfriend.

And so when she’s single and looking, she’s looking to kind of get wifed-up and be a girlfriend. Whether that?s with one specific guy she has an eye on, or whether it’s just with the idea of: I’m going to go out and meet someone. That?s also when girls get online. Girls who are online are single but looking, like they’re looking for that one guy.

After single and looking comes?in a relationship; and in a relationship, you know, is a bad place to meet a girl. When you meet a girl and she’s in a relationship, most of the times I say?just let it go?I don?t chase girls with boyfriends or girls who are married, because you just don?t have to, it’s too much drama, it’s too much responsibility, it’s too much ugh, and plus if you do get her to cheat on her boyfriend with you, do you really want to be in a relationship with a girl who cheats. I’m not into it.

Other guys I know like, Chuck Klosterman, the famous writer – he wrote once that he only dates girls who have boyfriends, because he felt like if you’re an average-looking dude trying to get an exceptionally good looking girl, the best chance was to find a girl who was in a relationship, because in a relationship has two parts. There’s in a relationship and happy, but there’s also in a relationship and looking. The same way a girl can be single and looking, a girl can be in a relationship but not happy with that relationship and looking to outside sources for sexual validation, et cetera, excitement?a lot of things.

And finally you have, what I like to call?on the rebound. On the rebound is fresh out of a relationship, either they broke up, or moved away, or whatever?taking a break. On the rebound is probably the second-best time to meet a girl after actively single; because when a girl is on the rebound she’s like looking to bounce with the buy, it might even the best time. I snatch girls on the rebound like Dennis Rodman. I’m the king of meeting girls who’s just gotten out of a relationship and being their rebound guy, who either sends them back into the relationship or into active singlehood. Just one of the services we do here at Sinns Of Attraction, but that?s basically the point. So after the rebound she’s either going to bounce back into a relationship, either with a new guy which isn’t going to work, or with the old guy or she’s going to become actively single again.

So the point of that whole sexual cycle is to kind of think about where the girl is when you meet her. I don?t like to ask girls if they’re single, but I will definitely probe around in the situation and girls with relationships are going to offer it, obviously. Then sometimes I’ll ask when their last relationship was; they?ll say like two weeks, three weeks, six months, you will have an idea if she’s actively single, single and looking or on the rebound.

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