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So much of our website is tips on how to pick up ladies of various shapes and sizes and what-not. That’s kind of our bread and butter, so to speak. But with so much of that being our content, you would think that we would have problems with other sites that offer tips on how to pick up girls, and that simply isn’t the case. There’s plenty of good information out there. The trick is making sure you just know which ones are out there, and which ones are good.

Which is why today we’re heading over to where they have a variety of good and proven tips that we can heartily endorse as being worthwhile methods on how to get a woman’s number and then, if all goes well, do some of that dating. Among their various nuggets is this one:

Know Where to Meet Women

This might seem too elementary to include on a list of tips for picking up women, but you’d be surprised by how many guys are getting this wrong. For some, it comes down to really just not knowing — no one’s explicitly told them and they lack the experience. For others, it’s that they’re not making the time. Wake up, check your phone, go to work, check your phone, work overtime, check your phone, go home, check your phone, pass out. Repeat. Sound familiar? Guess what — you’re not going to meet her on your phone.

Pretty easy information once you hear it, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean that it’s information you knew what to do with. Head on over to the above link to check out the rest of the tips, add them to our plenty of tips we have on stock here, and off you go.

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