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Make Money Online: Three Tips To Starting An Internet Empire

Three things you need to know when blogging to earn income or starting your online business

The first thing that comes to mind in order to make money online is starting a blog.? What most people don?t know though is there are tons of ways to make money on your blog.? If you don?t have a blog or have been thinking about starting one these tips are a great way to understand how blogging works.

Starting Your Blog

The first thing is that every site needs a blog!? The main point of a blog is to allow your readers who are interested in what you are blogging about to get access to fresh content on the subject on a daily basis.? If you have fresh content on your page you will generate more visitors which in turns puts your blog at the top of searchers when people search for your blog topic.? The more visitors you get the more revenue potential your blog has because at the end of the day traffic = money!

Blogging Topics

If the ultimate point of your blog is to make money then you want to provide information to your readers with the goal of driving the most traffic to your site.? Therefore you need a niche that people are interested in and that is pretty easy to generate content for so that you can provide your readers with new content every day.?? Here are five of the most successful blogging topics (in no order):

  1. Travel – people travel for a lot of reasons from business to pleasure.? There are a lot of topics about travel you can write about from travel safety, fun places you have been, places you want to go, where you have gone for dinner, or if you don?t travel much you can write about the best places to visit in your home town.
  2. Relationships ? these are one of the most important things to people. Everyone wants to feel connection and a sense of belonging.? Sharing your own experiences that could potentially help someone else is a great way to connect with your audience.? This also makes your readers want to follow you more because they will feel a connection with you.
  3. Failures ? everyone fails at one point in their life. If you share stories that are relatable and how you overcame your failures you might be able to help someone else out.? Plus with the same as relationships sharing stories makes people feel connected to you. People want to learn how to overcome failure in order to be successful
  4. Health ? is a big part of life and most people want to live long and happy lives. Health is such a wide topic that you could specialize in something related to health like diet, exercise, or even sleep.? You can share great healthy recipes or horror stories about things that have happened to you at the gym.? If you overcame some sort of injury from playing sports there are other people who have had the same injury and wondering how to overcome it.
  5. Happiness ? nobody wants to live a sad dull life. Everyone wants to be happy.? There is a ton of research on happiness and you can make your blog the authority on how to be happy.? If it?s something you are interested in reading a couple of books on how to be happy will make you more of an expert on this topic than the average person.

There are just a few ideas. If you really want to be cutting edge you can use google to see what the most searched words are on the internet for the last month and start a blog about that topic.? Looking at the best-selling products on amazon or best-selling books is also a great way to see some blog topics that could be popular.

Work All The Channels

Always think bigger.? Starting a blog will only take you so far.? If you really want to get big? you have to consider all aspects of doing business on the internet.? If you have a blog about pancakes? (or whatever topic) then you should have a twitter, Facebook, and Instagram about pancakes. ?You want to generate as much awareness as possible so people are driven to your website to rack up those visits.? Also consider that if your blog takes off about pancakes maybe you can write a cookbook about pancakes, or sale pancake products through a website.? Even sell pancake products you can?t move on Ebay.

The blog is like the gateway drug. ??If you can do the blog right you can essentially expand your internet empire.

Affiliate Marketing

The way affiliate marketing works is pretty simple.? Essentially the more visits you have on your site the more money you are going to make by using affiliate marketing.? The main way to make money on your blog is buy having advertising. ?If someone clicks a link on your blog you can get paid a few cents for that click through or if someone buys a product from the link on your site you can get a certain percentage of the sale to add to your income.

In order to maximize your click through rate you should have an understanding of what your readers are looking for.? For example if you have a blog about pancakes your readers are probably not going to click on an ad for office furniture.? They would rather see ads for pancake mix, FreshDirect, or maybe an ad for a diner that serves pancakes.

When you are advertising products you also want to make sure they are quality products.? If someone found the world?s greatest pancake maker advertised on your blog and it turned out to be awful they would probably never go back to your site.

You also have to consider where an ad will be placed on your website.? Usually the real estate at the top of your blog is going to get a lot more clicks because your readers don?t have to scroll down.? In conjunction with placement of ads you should think about contextual advertising.? If on your pancake blog you start a blog post about pancake mix and you also have an ad for pancake mix then someone is more likely to click on the ad about pancake mix because they are already thinking about it.? I know that Amazon has an affiliate program where you can help set up the ads to appear on your blog.

In summary

The biggest takeaway here is that traffic is going to make you money.? The better placement of the ad, the more relevant the ad to your post, and the quality of product will give you a higher click through or purchase rate through your affiliate marketing.

These are just some ideas on how to turn a blog into an internet empire.? At the end of the day it is all about how much traffic is being driven to your site.? Being an expert on a subject or having a topic that is popular and a lot of people are interested in is the best way to get started. ?Then you can start affiliate marketing, make products, or even make an online store to generate more money!

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About Shaun Archer Tatum Shaun works in corporate finance in New York City. He has done financial consulting for several start-ups and has worked at several Fortune 500 companies. He has contributed several finance/investing articles on Seeking Alpha which have been published on Yahoo! Finance.

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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