Stop Caring What They Think

The catch 22 of learning how to meet women is that during the learning phase you’re too heavily invested in whether or not “it” is working. At this point you understand the concept that you shouldn’t care what women think, but every action you take is a calculated move designed to get them to think a certain way.  At this point not caring what they think is just an act you are putting on, because in reality you are obsessed with what they think.

That is probably one of the greatest obstacles a pickup artist needs to overcome before truly becoming successful with women.

Today I was driving in my car and I looked over at the car next to me.  In the car was an average looking soccer mom type.  We exchanged glances.  Well, after exchanging a look with me, this soccer mom pulls out a tissue and blows her nose.  I was shocked.

Why?  Because a woman who cares what you think would never pull out a tissue and blow her nose right in front of you.  Obviously this woman had more important things on her mind then flirting with me.

Would you pull out a tissue and blow your nose in front of a girl?

How many of the decisions do you make a daily basis are influenced by your desire to impress a woman?  Do you go to the gym to live a healthier lifestyle, or to look better for the ladies? Did you buy the car your driving for you, or for them?

The truly attractive and charismatic people in this world  are the ones that live by their own set of principles.  They don’t bend or break for anyone.  They are on a path in life, and if you want to join them fine, but if not, they aren’t concerned.

Are you on your path, or are you following the crowds?

If you’re following the crowd then I suggest reading a recent post on this site by Life Coach Justin called “Build it and they will come.” The article is all about how becoming fulfilled and focused in other areas of your life will naturally lead to more success with women.

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