Rad Blogs: There, I Fixed It

The victory dance is subtle, yet familiar. You slowly take your hands away from your new contraption, take a hesitant step back, set down the duct tape, say the magic incantation “Well, that’ll do it”, and wipe your hands, job well done: You’ve just “fixed” something. And now there’s a whole blog devoted to this truly masculine idea of innovative do-it-yourself fixes. Take this hot water heater from Warsaw, Poland for instance:

The contraption takes water from the faucet, pours it into an instant coffee maker, heats up the water and, viola(!), hot water! Or this homemade spare for a car that probably isn’t very legal:

The blog is really a love letter to this kind of “pick yourself up from your bootstraps and make something of yourself” idea. In other words, how America was created. Take notes, folks. This is the kind of innovative thinking we’ll need when the inevitable zombie apocalypse happens.

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