Must-Read: Small Balls Are Alright

In the culture of our world, there is a lot of importance placed, undeservedly so, on the size of a person’s testicles. Really, it doesn’t mean too much. In the bedroom, where it counts the most, a lady never really cares about the size of a lover’s balls. In fact, a huge set of balls really does nothing but get in the way. Small balls aren’t really all that bad at all. Really, they may actually do way more harm than good.

According to this post over at Men’s Fitness, having small balls may actually help in one very important aspect: Being a good father:

The research included 70 biological fathers with small children. Mothers and fathers were interviewed separately about dads’ involvement in direct caregiving, then guys? testosterone levels were measured. Next, men’s brain activity was measured using functional MRI scans as fathers viewed photos of their own child with happy, sad, and neutral faces, and then similar photos of an unknown child and an unknown adult. Lastly, structural MRI was used to measure testicular volume.

Although testosterone levels and testes size were inversely related to caregiving reported by the parents in the study, big balls don’t excuse you from being a bad parent. ?Even though some men may be built differently, perhaps they are willing themselves to be more hands-on fathers,? said James Rilling, an anthropologist at Emory. ?It might be more challenging for some men to do these kinds of caregiving activities, but that by no means excuses them.?

So head on over to the link to check out exactly why this is, and what it means for us folks out there without the massive balls that everyone seems to think is so important out there in the world.

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