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Must-Read: Dump These From Your Fridge

Fridges are great things. They keep our leftovers fresh and store our food at a temperature where we don’t have to worry about it going bad. But one of the things that fridges also allow us to do is spend our time purchasing items that aren’t exactly the best for you, because it’s simple to get and easy to fix. If we didn’t have fridges, we’d always need to purchase the healthiest and freshest foods around. But, we don’t live like that. Instead, we need to police ourselves by making sure that what we put in the fridge is worthwhile.

Which is why we’re heading over to Men’s Health, where they have a list of items from your fridge that need to be removed from your fridge post-haste. Among the items they want us to dump so that our bodies won’t, in turn, become the dumps:

Lunch meat

Deli slices may seem healthy enough, but they?re usually packed with added salt and nitrates, which have been associated with a higher incidence of cancer, says Kate Geagan, R.D.N. Stock this instead: Fresh chicken breasts and turkey meat Not only is fresh poultry lower in calories, salt, and saturated fat than lunch meat, it?s also less expensive: ?Buy an all-natural rotisserie chicken, or chicken breasts, and roast or poach them all at once, then keep them on hand for the week,? Geagan suggests. You?ll get leaner, and going natural will help you reach long-term health goals, too. Your cardiovascular system will stay resilient (read: less prone to heart disease), and by avoiding nitrates, you?ll reduce your risk of colon cancer.

Also, it doesn’t help that the name of it is “lunch meat.” That’s, just, like the grossest sounding thing of all time. So prop open that fridge today gents and start to dumping out some of those disgusting things you keep in there.

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