How to Finally Ask for and Get the Raise You Deserve

If you think your employer is going to notice your hard and diligent work and automatically offer you a raise, then it is time to get in touch with reality. In the perfect world, good employees would have their job performances reviewed often while getting offered a slight increase for good work. Unfortunately, the workplace does not always work like that, and it is not always fair.

If you want a raise, you are going to have to put in the work and ask for it. Don?t be embarrassed. If you truly believe that you are qualified for more money, then there is no reason why your boss should not think so either.

The Best Time to Ask for a Raise

Now that you are all fired up to ask for a raise, here are the best situations to have your cause heard.

  • More Work: Did you interview for your position with a set number of tasks only to have more job expectations thrown at you once you started? This is a classic time to ask for a raise. Explain to your employer that the job you are currently doing requires a lot more skill and hours than they had first mentioned. Then explain that you are happy with the job demands, but that it does require a higher level of pay.
  • Doing More Than One Job: It happens to the best employees. Slowly your co-workers quit or get fired and then are never replaced. This then leaves you to carry the weight of the office. If you are going to be doing the work of more than one person, then you certainly deserve the pay of more than one person.
  • Make Your Employer Keep Their Promises: If your boss promised you a raise or a higher position once a certain time or event happened, then make sure they stick to their promise.
  • Star Player: You are constantly impressing your co-workers and boss with huge projects, high-paying clients, and what not. If you are making your workplace more money, it may be time to remind your boss gently how valuable you are to him.
  • They Moved You to Suck-ville: Perhaps you were the only person willing to relocate to an undesirable office or location. Instead of grinning and bearing it, take this unique opportunity to ask for more money. You have a good chance at getting the raise especially if no one else is willing to relocate.
  • Upgraded Skills: Another great time to ask for a pay raise is after you have completed valuable certifications or received a degree.

Know Your Value

The only way your boss will know your value is if you know your value. Ask yourself, what makes you so valuable to the company? Do you take on a task that no one else can do or do you have a certain set of skills that is hard to replace? Use these unique attributes to your benefit. Be prepared to explain to your employer why you are so valuable to the company. Most bosses like to talk in money signs, so make sure to include any instances where you made your company money or saved them money.

Plan for Success

Have you ever seen a sitcom star rush into their boss? office to demand a raise or to find someone else, only to be fired? That scenario is hilarious to watch on TV, but it should in no way replicate how you approach your raise. Plan out the best time to talk with your boss, both time of day and time of year. Asking for a pay raise after announced budget cuts is just moronic.

Paycheck Homework

So how much of a raise do you ask for exactly? This is a tricky question to answer. You don?t want to sell yourself too short, but it is not reasonable to ask for twice your pay either. Instead, research what other individuals are making in your field and location. Don?t bother bringing up how much your co-workers make because that can make things a little harried in the office. The last thing you want is to mention how Bob makes X amount each year and wastes all his time on Facebook. Instead, have a rough estimate of how much the average salary is for your position and ask for a raise that is suitable to that figure.

Just Ask Already

Once you have proven that you are worthy of a raise and done a little homework, then it is time for you to ask for the raise. Just be confident in your qualifications. What is the worst that will happen? It would be unlawful for them to fire you for asking for a raise. Although, if you go in demanding a raise and if they don?t meet that demand then you will quit, they might gladly take you up on your voluntary job dismissal.

Go in confident but not too cocky, and the worst that will happen is that your boss will say no or that you will get a lower raise than you had hoped for. If the boss says no, ask him to explain his reasoning and also ask when would be a better time to ask for a raise. Perhaps you aren?t worthy of a raise yet because you come in thirty minutes late every day. Use your ?no? as good criticism, change any bad habits, and then ask for a raise again in six months to a year.

There is a very good chance that you will get a pay raise of some sort. If your employer thinks you are worthy and valuable, then they will want to keep you happy at work. However, you will never know what your boss? answer will be if you never ask.

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