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Sprint Towards Success: Running Towards a Better Life


It isn?t difficult to find numerous successful men who consistently swear by the impact of cardiovascular exercise on their lifestyle and wellbeing. From boosting your brain to new levels of intelligence, to improving your heart health and chiseling perfection into your body, cardio activity like running can genuinely make you a better man.

There are so many advantages to cardiovascular exercise that weaving it into your work-out routine should be a no brainer. After all, it makes you happier, smarter, and sexier all at once. What?s more, if you stick with it, the effects of this exercise not only lasts a lifetime, but extends that life as well.

Unfortunately, too many people who are beginners to running have a single speed which they stick to consistently: medium. A one-speed workout may seem like it?s getting you somewhere, but honestly, it mostly ends up being boring and counter-productive. By throwing some variety into your running program, you can make your workout more interesting and more effective too.

It?s worth noting however, that if you?re just starting out as a runner, you will need some time to build up to certain exercises. Your body has to adjust to the hard work before you can really start adding some extra variety. However, once you?ve built up some endurance, there are so many things that you can do.

Running Towards a Better Life


Hills are an ideal way to add a little extra strength to your running experiences. Running up hills is comparable to lifting weights, as you?re fighting against gravity to push your bodyweight upwards with your legs ? fast. To do hill workouts, you can start off with repeats, where you run up a hill, coast back down, and run up again. However, it can be better to track down a hilly area to give your exercise more variety. Like with any exercise, if you haven?t done hill workouts before, start slow and get used to it before you push too hard.


Running with strides is the equivalent of pumping your gas pedal in a car. While you?re running repeats of about 100 meters, speed up your pace until you reach about 95% of your top speed, then decelerate to the finish. Do as many repeats as you can without keeling over, and give yourself a moment or so to rest in between. The marvelous aspect that so many people enjoy about strides is that they?re a wonderful way to stretch out your legs and feel the wind in your hair during physical exercise. Strides can be incorporated into the end of an easy run so you?re warmed up and ready.

3. Find Your Beat

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the motivation we need to maintain a challenging pace. When this starts to happen, you can let the music do the work with inspirational workout playlists or applications that can be downloaded on your smartphone. Applications such as TempoRun and PaceDJ can be utilized to offer a perfect running beat that sorts your music library according to tempo.


Remember, if you?re trying to make your run more challenging or effective, ramping up the pace as far as possible is not the only way of doing this. Slowing down a little so that you can run for a longer period of time is a marvelous way of building your endurance and boosting your strength. Make sure that you take measures to avoid the pitfalls of running too far too soon, though. For example, most experts recommend that you should increase your average distance slowly, by no more than 10% a week.


Start running with a group to learn about new routes and improve your motivation. When you know that there are people waiting for you to turn up at a local group, you?ll be less likely to ditch your running session at the last minute. What?s more, running with a group is a fantastic way to meet new people, and women while showing off your amazing endurance and steadily improving body.


One of the best things about running is that you can engage in the amazing sensation of racing adrenaline. Crossing a finish line with a number of other hard-working runners can provide a sparkling sense of accomplishment, and renew your enthusiasm for exercise. Start off by finding fun races that benefit a cause you care about and register in advance. It?ll give you something to work for, and an amazing confidence boost in the long run (no pun intended).

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