5 Benefits Of Bananas You May Not Have Known

Bananas are great for so many reasons. For one, they are delicious. They are also really convenient and are a perfect, non-messy snack to be taken anywhere.

They are also a really good option when bodybuilding when you?need some easy, quick calories. They are high in potassium, and one medium-sized contains 420 mg of potassium, or 12% of the recommended daily value.

They are also high in fiber, which helps aid in digestion, not to mention there does not seem to be a fruit that tastes better in smoothies than s.

With that being said…

Listed?below are 5 facts that you may not have known about s!

1. Bananas are the perfect substitute for sports drinks!

In a study published in?PLOS ONE,?cyclists who consumed s during their competition had similar performance to those consuming popular sports drinks.

And not only are s sufficient in providing adequate energy, they are also packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

The potassium in s makes it great to consuming during competition because it helps relieve muscle cramps.

2. Bananas Help With Digestion

There are many ways s aid in digestion.

Bananas are rich in pectin, which aids digestion and helps to remove heavy metals from the body.

The high amount of fiber in s help to aid bowel movements.

The electrolytes found in s help to soothe the digestive tract and restore electrolytes after a bout of diarrhea.

Bananas are also an antacid, and provide much relief for those with acid reflux and heartburn.

Not to mention that s act as a prebiotic, which helps cause the growth of “good” bacteria in our bowels. According to the Mayo Clinic, prebiotics are carbohydrates that are not digestible in the human body.

Prebiotics help supply probiotics with proper nutrition, to allow them to grow properly.

3.?Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

The more potassium consumed, the more sodium exits the body. Thus, the body can get rid of excess sodium that may be causing some issues.

The potassium in s acts as a natural diuretic, without all the nasty side-effects.

This decrease in sodium will lower blood pressure, which can take a lot of stress off the heart, limiting the possibility of strokes and heart attacks.

4. Bananas May Help With Depression

Now, let’s be honest. Depression is way more complex than the consumption of a . However, s do contain?a substance called tryptophan. This is a mood-regulating chemical?that helps people to relax and feel happier.

So next time you are feeling down, grab a and see if it helps!

5. Bananas Help With Hangovers!

When we drink alcohol. our potassium levels are depleted due to the diuretic nature of alcohol.

Banana, like other brightly colored fruits and vegetables, such as kiwi and spinach, contain high amounts of potassium.

So next time you are feeling really hungover after a long night of drinking, a smoothie with some yogurt, kiwi, spinach, and may be the trick to help you get your day started!

Or you could just not drink as much….?but we know that probably won’t happen…..

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