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    5 Tragic Reasons Why Most Men Suck With Women

    img Posted January 30, 2019

    Why most men can’t get girls If you were single and absolutely irresistible to women, how many would you want to sleep with in a year?   A silly hypothetical question perhaps, b ...


    How To Go Out Alone

    img Posted January 24, 2019

    You can have an awesome time going out alone It’s Friday night. You want to hit the local clubs and meet women, but have no-one to go with. The thought of rolling solo scares you ...


    How To Get Girls Using Instagram

    img Posted January 16, 2019

    The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Game The game has changed. Getting girls using Instagram has become so easy that you’d be insane not to do it. If you currently struggle to ...


    What Is The Easiest Way To Meet Women?

    img Posted January 9, 2019

    How to get a girlfriend quickly Are you looking to build a satisfying sex life as quickly as possible? Perhaps you like the idea of dating multiple women or finding a special partn ...


    3 New Year’s Resolutions That’ll Actually Improve Your Dating Life

    img Posted January 3, 2019

    The New Year’s Resolutions that won’t waste your time Getting jacked. Losing weight. Making more money. None of these classic New Year’s resolutions will help you get ...


    7 Things “Nice Guys” Don’t Understand About Women

    img Posted December 26, 2018

    Nice guys don’t have to finish last It’s possible to be attractive without being an asshole. A lot of the “nice guys” struggling to get girls don’t understand this. Many ...


    How To Not Give A Fuck

    img Posted December 19, 2018

    The ultimate guide to getting out of your shell and being socially free Giving too many fucks is a prison. It stops you doing what you want with the one life you have. It stresses ...


    How To Be Masculine

    img Posted December 12, 2018

    6 steps to retaining your masculinity in an increasingly feminised society Masculinity is in crisis. The decline in alpha-male role models, the rise of extreme feminism, the furore ...


    How To Flirt With Shy Girls

    img Posted December 5, 2018

    Flirting with shy women is a different ball game Shy women can provide a stumbling block for even the most experienced of seducers. Even if you’re bold enough to make all the smo ...


    How To Avoid A ‘Poison Drip’ In Your Relationships

    img Posted November 28, 2018

    Your worst nightmare come true The ‘poison drip’ is a subtle cancer that slowly kills relationships, leaving the victims as a shell of their former selves.  It turns romances ...

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