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    How To Avoid A ‘Poison Drip’ In Your Relationships

    img Posted November 28, 2018

    Your worst nightmare come true The ?poison drip? is a subtle cancer that slowly kills relationships, leaving the victims as a shell of their former selves.? It turns romances toxic ...


    Do Looks Matter For A Woman?

    img Posted November 22, 2018

    Ugly guys can date beautiful women This post is aimed at guys who think they can?t attract beautiful women because of their looks. Maybe you?ve been getting tons of rejections, and ...


    How To Overcome Shyness

    img Posted November 14, 2018

    It?s possible to become the most popular guy at the party Overcoming shyness isn?t simple, but it?s possible. The first step is to realise shyness is a choice. The second is to see ...


    How To Find And Keep Your Perfect Woman

    img Posted November 7, 2018

    Don’t listen to the mainstream media Do you fantasise about meeting and marrying your ‘perfect 10?’ Do you daydream about waking up to a wife and children who you ...


    10 Dating Mistakes That Scare Women Away

    img Posted October 31, 2018

    Most men falsely believe that hooking up with a beautiful woman is a momentous task. The truth is: you don?t need to sweep off her feet with some epic humour or super-smooth moves. ...


    How To Be Cool

    img Posted October 24, 2018

    Most people misunderstand what makes someone cool Are you worried you?re not cool enough to get the type of girlfriend you want? Do you not bother approaching beautiful women becau ...


    How To Pull

    img Posted October 17, 2018

    The ultimate guide to pulling The best way to make an impression on a woman is to pull her to your house and have mind-blowing sex. However, there’s a right and a wrong way t ...


    Should You Use Money To Impress Women?

    img Posted October 10, 2018

    The truth about money and dating The seduction community might preach that looks and money don’t matter, but they certainly do help. Money provides freedom, travel and advent ...


    5 Devilish First Date Tips For Men Looking To Seal The Deal

    img Posted October 3, 2018

    Stop getting in your own way… Sex on the first date is a wonderful experience. If two people can meet, get along and get each other off without anyone feeling guilty, that ...


    What To Do When She’s Not Showing Interest

    img Posted September 26, 2018

    So many guys mess this up… When a woman doesn?t show clear signs she wants to be fucked, most guys crumble. The average man assumes he?s not good enough, makes no moves and g ...

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