The Pick-Up Artist Cell Phone Trick

I found the trick below while searching the web for good ways to start conversations with girls. Like always, anything good I find I pass along to you. So let me know what you think,

The Cell Phone Approach/Opener

ASF: “You’re on a bus, sitting next to a HB and there’s no good excuse to start talking… Take your mobile/cellular phone, pretend to call someone and have a fictitious (short) conversation. Then hang up. Start to comment about the conversation with the HB. The beauty of the thing is: you get to CHOOSE the subject of the conversation on the phone… so when you start talking to the HB, you’re at whatever subject you chose.”

ASF: “Err… make sure to disable your phone so that it doesn’t ring when you pretend you’re using it :)”

ASF: “You look her in the eyes and say to your fictitious friend “Yeah, it’s always the same story, girls keep ogling at me, yeaaah, there’s one in front of me, and you know what the worst is? She’s shy. … Yeah she’s shy. She’s been looking at me for 10 min. And she hasn’t even yet started a conversation! Ok; I mean, at least I appreciate the fact that she has a LOT of self-control; she has not felt me up so far.” If she doesn’t laugh HERE, well damn:)”

ASF: “Some phones have a ringer test or a ringer volume control, which you could use to pretend the phone is ringing. Then you ask “First you gotta give me your ID number. OK. Let me remind you the rate for this call is 80 cents a minute.” And you look up the number in a book or whatever, and start your stopwatch. Then you launch into a phone-sex conversation like as if you’re selling phone sex. The great thing about this method is you can have a cheat-sheet listing all the patterns right there in front of you.”

If you have anything you can add leave it as a comment. You can never have too much artillery!

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