Day Game: How to Pick Up Women on the Street

Day Game 101

Day game is not something that I’m quite familiar with. I’ve always made good use of parties, bars, work environment, classes, and social scene farming…. that I never found it necessary to pick up women on the street. But as I get a little older and some of my previous options are thinner than they used to be… day game might be worth checking out.

I did some searching around and found a good introduction article about day game. The article is from Gambler of Pua Traning. If you’ve watched the videos on their vault you know that these guys are out there practicing day game constitenly.

Day Game Advice by Richard La Ruina

There are plenty of places to meet girls – you don’t need to restrict yourself to bars and clubs. In fact, you should not restrict yourself in the number of places you meet girls. Put yourself in a hot babe’s shoes – when she goes out to a bar she is expecting to be hit on by guys. It always happens. She doesn’t expect to be picked up when she goes out shopping in the afternoon. As a result, she’s less defensive and more open to the possibility of having a conversation with you. There are other reasons why it is easier to meet girls in the daytime.

  • The girls are usually on their own (they probably won’t be alone in the night);
  • You’ll get the real person – most people have a persona that they adopt in a club;
  • Because you’re both sober and being yourselves, numbers you get in the day-time are a lot more solid;
  • Girls are romantic. Her friends will ask where you met. “I met him while I had a coffee in Starbucks” is a lot more romantic than “I met him in the club”;
  • You’ll meet girls that don’t ever go to clubs – a different type of girl. (And you’ll meet clubby girls too!)


Day-time pickup is a very different process from meeting girls at night. Here’s how you do it:

1. Start the conversation without putting too much pressure on her.

This is crucial, and a good way of doing it is to open with something funny. What you shouldn’t do is begin with a personal question, or display too much interest, or otherwise put her under pressure. You need to be very natural and very relaxed. Cheesy chat up lines or canned routines that work at night are going to bomb. I’d recommend something situational. If she is in Sainsbury’s looking at soup, talk about soup. If she is waiting around in the cold, talk about waiting around in the cold. Empathise with her. I’ll give you a few example openings you can use:

Bookshop: “Do you know where the X section is?” Depending on the answer: “Oh, you are so hired/fired as my librarian.”

Supermarket: “I’m useless with wine and I’ve got someone coming for dinner who knows their stuff – can you recommend me a wine to go with….”

Get the idea?

2. Keep on talking until she opens up

OK – you’ve said something to her and the natural tendency now will be to ask a bunch of questions. Don’t do that quite yet – wait until she is comfortable talking to you. Instead, you should do most of the talking, following up your opening line with something that naturally follows from it. You could notice things about her and comment on them. Make assumptions about what she’s doing. After a while, you’ll reach a point where her body language opens up to you and she starts to contribute more to the conversation because she’s become used to the (admittedly strange) situation.

3. Find Connections

It’s going well, so move on. Find things that you share in common – interests, likes and hobbies. You can certainly get away with more personal questions once she’s committed to the interaction. Now your focus should be on looking for a good opportunity, and something you could do together.

4. Get the number

Once you have found a common interest you should just suggest to her that you could do that together. If you can’t, use the tried-and-tested “we should hang out sometime.” If she agrees to either, hand her your phone and have her put her number into the memory. If you want to be certain that you have the right number, give her a call under the pretext of giving her your number.


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