How To Give Her G-Spot Orgasms

“Spirit Fingers” Teaches Some Tricks

I first discovered this g-spot orgasm technique a LONG time ago, back when I was living in a house with five roommates. This was one of the first sex techniques I learned, and I fucking loved it.

I can remember the first girl I used it on. While before I used to just jam my fingers back and forth into her, I made the subtle change in motion to hit her g-spot. And it made a HUGE difference. She had an explosive orgasm like I?d never seen before. I was hooked, and I started giving her g-spot orgasms all the time. I loved seeing her totally lose control as her body convulsed in orgasm. It was such a turn-on.

So much of a turn-on, in fact, that I would sometimes forget what was happening around me. Like, this one time I started giving her a g-spot orgasm ? but I forgot to shut the door. And of course, my roommates though this was hilarious. All five of them gathered around the door to watch, as well as the ten other friends they had over at the time. Everyone was giggling and even taking pictures, and both me and my girl were too into what we were doing to notice. Until after ten minutes, we finally did. Needless to say, I was embarrassed as hell. But surprisingly, she actually loved it! She said the thrill of people watching her orgasm actually made it MORE intense.

And after that my friends started calling me ?Spirit Fingers? after that incident. The nickname stuck so much that when I first started posting dating and sex articles, I wrote them under the online nickname ?Spirit Fingers? as well. So if you were wondering where THAT came from, that?s the story behind it. But anyways, let?s talk about:


The g-spot is located in the front of her vagina, roughly two inches deep. It feels slightly rougher than the rest of her vagina. You?ll know when you?re hitting it because she?ll respond much more ? there are many more nerve endings here than in the rest of her vaginal canal. And if you stimulate it correctly, the g-spot can give her orgasms that feel totally different than clitoral orgasms to her. Women report that g-spot orgasms are much more intense, and much more of a ?full-body? sensation.

In the Sex God Method, I teach you eleven different ways to give her g-spot orgasms. Some of these involve more advanced psychological elements, but here are a few simple ones for you to try out now:


The simplest way to give her g-spot orgasms is with your fingers. Make you?re your fingernails are trimmed, and that your fingers are lubricated. Then a finger inside her, and massage her gently for a minute or so to warm her up. Once she?s ready, insert a second finger inside her. Face your palm upwards so that the front of your fingers are against the front of her vagina. Then start gently making a ?come here? motion with your fingers, curling them back towards your palm. Do NOT just thrust your fingers in and out of her ? this does not hit her g-spot.

To locate her g-spot exactly, stay sensitive to her reactions. You?ll know you?re hitting it when she starts to moan in pleasure MUCH more. Once you?ve started giving her g-spot stimulation, slowly ramp up the intensity as she gets more turned on. By the time she?s about to orgasm, you should be giving her VERY vigorous stimulation. If you?re doing it right, your fingers will get very fatigued.

And when she has an orgasm, KEEP GOING! It?ll be very intense for her, so be sure to give her stimulation the entire time to maximize the sensations.


One thing that drives certain women wild is combining the ?come here? technique above with oral sex. Some women will like it better with fingers only, but certain women go wild when you combine the two. To do this, start giving her oral sex as normal. Give her light oral sex until she gets wet and lubricated. Then, insert two fingers inside her and do the ?come here? technique.

As you do this, keep paying attention to her clitoris with your tongue. It can be a little tricky to do both at once, but once you get the hang of it she?ll have some very intense orgasms.


The most intense g-spot orgasms come when you?re having intercourse. But you have to use certain sex positions that are designed to hit her g-spot. To hit her g-spot during intercourse, use sex positions where you are thrusting into her at an UPWARD ANGLE rather than straight in. There are many different positions you can use, but here?s one example:

When she?s laying flat on her back in the missionary position, sit up rather than lying on top of her. Then, lift both her legs up into the air, and as far back as possible. Thrust into her at a sharp angle like this to hit her g-spot.


All of these techniques can give women g-spot orgasms ? IF you also know how to arouse her on a psychological level. Remember, for women psychological arousal is much more important than correct physical technique. Ask any woman, and she?ll tell you that having sex with a guy who knows great physical techniques but doesn?t know how to turn her on psychologically is very similar to visiting her gynecologist. She gets a lot of finger prodding, but somehow it all feels very clinical, passionless and boring.

But if you DO know how to get her dripping wet using psychological arousal ? AND you have great physical technique ? then you?ll have a dynamite 1-2 combination that drives women wild.


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