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Step by Step to Closing the Deal with a Woman

We?ve all been in the situation where you wake up in the morning following a night out and you think about the night before, ?fuck, I should have closed the deal?, then run every possible scenario over your in head, repeat the entire time you had been talking to a woman. Where did you fuck it up? What could you have done differently? What one thing do you need to change to be sure that the next time you don?t wake up alone and horny?

Well, this article will tell you in no uncertain terms.

Take Her Home

This might be the simplest part therefore I?m not going to waste my word count on it, for the sake of this article, we?re going to say that the mere fact that she is talking to you means that she wants to fuck you. From here you need to lead her, say to her ?let?s go? grab her hand, take her outside, grab a cab and give the driver your address.

Back At The Crib

And so the challenging bit is over. You have a super hot female at your place, you want each other and intercourse is a dead cert right? Wrong!

Coffee is for closers!

I?m going to assume you have lead the situation (same as above) to get her to your bed and be kissing and other such naughtiness. If you haven?t done that yet, get it done! Everything is going well and she is having fun, the girl even allows you to remove her bra and touch her chebs. OH MY!

You are trying to put your hand down her pants, not a problem. Second step, get them off and you may gain entry to the sacred chamber of squelch but ? she won?t let you take them off.

Shit, you were so close and now you are destined for an evening of snuggling whilst having an Eiffel tower in your trousers. There are a few things you can do to flip this situation around as well as the best way to demonstrate this is to use an example from my very own life, here goes.

A few weeks ago, I had been out in my mate (we?ll refer to him Pingram) and he was chatting up a girl but the girl had a mate. She wasn?t as good-looking but she was okay (we?ll refer to her as farm girl), because I am such a nice person I decided that I would jump the grenade for him. Anyway, all of us ended up back at mine but because I wasn?t that fascinated by her I hadn?t put my usual work in, but either way we ended up in bed and she?s like ?I don?t sleep with guys until I?ve known them at least a month.? Hahaha, silly, silly girl.

This is where we pick it up:

Me: ?You want to have sex more than I do anyway.?

Farm girl: ?Erm? NO I DO NOT!?

Me: ?Sure you do. I?m a Man. I can control myself.?

Farm girl: ?Guys don?t have control. I can outlast you easy.?

Me: ?Prove it, lets try to turn each other on and then see who gives in first. I promise you I will not be having sex with you today (cheeky grin).?

Farm girl: ?Haha. Okay then, how??

I explain to her she needs to be naked for the game so that I can see if I am turning her on.

Farm girl: ?You soooo think you?re getting some.?

Me: ?Haha. I ACTUALLY don?t want any. I?m more interested in winning.?

At this point I get between her legs and start massaging my dick on her foof.

Me: ?See I can do this all night and give in (kiss her).?

Of course in order to make out with her I must lean down, making me push in a little bit, then I draw back, she pushes forward and?OH MY!

I?m not saying go out and do exactly this because that is my style and it also would not necessarily work for you. But read between the lines and then figure out what I did to flip the situation. I took the pressure off and made it enjoyable and a challenge.

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