Must-Read: How to Buy Cheap Suits

We have two suits. We wear them, oh, maybe once a year. Total. And so, the first time we decided to go and buy a suit, we have reservations. We don’t have a fancy job, or a lot of job interviews, or business meetings that demand wearing a suit all of the time. We are writers. That’s what we do. So, dropping the amount of money we did on the suit seemed unreasonable at the time. But, we’re so glad we did. Although, truth be told, we got a bit of a bargain with the suit, and that’s what we recommend doing.

Which is why today we’re heading on over to Men’s Health where they have a list of suits that fit into the range that can be defined as “comfortably affordable.” What does that mean? Oh, instead of the usual $1,000 or so you may pay at places, they have suits that they’re recommending that cost less than $650. A little steep still, sure. But also, for something that you may wear a few dozen times to VERY important events, that’s an investment probably worth making.

Among the selections they have:


Texture is king. When combined with an unexpected shade of brown, you?ll have people believing you?re royalty. ASOS does it right by incorporating a blend of textures in a trim, updated fit. Notice that the bottom of the pants skim the tops of the shoes. Excess fabric only makes it sloppy.




Ready to try out a bold patterned shirt? This is the suit to wear it with. It?s a classic fit in a traditional gray. The options are endless when it comes to what to wear with it. If you bring the suit to a tailor, make sure to wear dress shoes so he can measure the length accurately.


Head on over to check out photos of the suits above in question, as well as a few others if you’re interested in taking a gander around the other suits they recommend. And then get to looking stylish, fellas!

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