Easy Ways to Slash Calories Without Feeling Deprived

If losing weight is on your agenda, in addition to upping the calorie burning activities you’re going to need to cut some calories here and there. This doesn’t have to be a miserable and starving experience however, because that would make it suck and not fun at all when it should feel good. Here are some easy ways to slash calories from your meals and snacks without feeling totally deprived.

Drink More Water

Drinking about 16 ounces of water before a meal has been shown to reduce the amount of food that people end up eating. Broth based soups work in a similar way. Sometimes what we think of as hunger pangs are actually thirst ones, so staying hydrated and topping off the water supply in your bod can cut down your hunger feelings and you’ll naturally fill up quicker and eat less without trying. Drinking plenty of water will also ensure that your digestive system keeps things moving along at the right pace and regulating your eating patterns.

Choose Nutritionally Dense Foods

A glass of apple juice is probably not going to fit into a weight loss diet plan, but an apple absolutely should. The nutritionally dense natural form of any food is always going to be better than the processed form, because it is full of fiber and other good stuff to help keep you on track. Going with the apple example, you get cholesterol fighting power thanks to the pectin, antioxidants to detox the liver, an immune system boost thanks to the quercetin, and a filling snack without a lot of calories. A glass of juice is not only not going to fill you up, but it’s going to sugar spike you just like eating candy would.

Add Veggies, Cut Refined Carbs

Would you believe someone if they told you that cauliflower for example could take the place of all that bread, dough, and rice you love to bulk your meals with? Well it can. Vegetables that are low in calories and high in fiber and flavor can sneakily make your meals double the size without any downsides. Cauliflower ground up in a food processor instantly becomes a rice alternative, or when mixed with an egg and a bit of cheese can become a base for a super healthy pizza. Adding veggies to any meal is going to make you feel fuller faster as well. I mean, think about a giant bag of broccoli, could you fit all that in your stomach? Probably not, and even if you could it would still be less calories than a sandwich and fill you up longer. Try using mushrooms in place of some higher fat meats, and spaghetti squash instead of noodles. You’ll lose weight without ever feeling hungry.

?Watch For Hidden Sugar

Natural sugars found in fruits are okay, but you shouldn’t be eating foods with hidden sugar when it isn’t necessary. Sauces and condiments can be major culprits. Skip the ketchup and go with mustard instead, and eat some berries instead of dousing your breakfast with jam. savory snack foods can also pack a surprising amount of sugar. Don’t think crackers or those BBQ chips are safe. In general the more natural of a state a food item is presented, the healthier and more nutritionally dense it will be. Which means less sugar spikes and crashes, fewer calories, more energy, and more weight loss.





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