What To Do About Your Young Mom Crush

Young married mothers are quite different from the standard MILFs, who are usually approaching middle age, and single mothers, who have their own set of issues and circumstances.

The young married mother is the pretty, delightful, seemingly harmless twenty-something girl who may be the spouse of your next door neighbor or your co-worker. She is the kind of woman who might fit your criteria for a girlfriend-cum-wife. She is educated, congenial, supportive, and smoking hot. The fact that she is a mother only adds to the allure. It appeals to the Madonna-Whore complex that most of us men harbor but dare not admit. You imagine her as the caring, nurturing, straight-laced homemaker during the day and the wild, unbridled, do-anything-and-take-it-everywhere sex kitten at night.

Adding to this complicated cluster of feelings is the fact that she flirts with you?or at least seems to do so. Your instincts about the meaning of her smiles, chattiness, and other coquettish behavior are probably right. Young moms tend to be more flirtatious than other kinds of moms. They are of an age when it is natural for them to do so. If your particular crush is in her early twenties, then she no doubt has friends who are single and she still goes out and parties with them on occasion. This keeps her flirtation reflex sharp and at the ready.

In her mind, she is married and off the market, which means all flirting is harmless because it can never lead anywhere. But therein lays the problem. The human id and ego are not so easily managed. The fact that you are drawn to her and show it will flatter your young mom, and trigger within her a preoccupation of how hot and desirable she is; which will prompt her to draw you in even further.

You should not see this as a form of game-playing. She is acting on impulses that are sincere and authentic. She really can?t help herself. Yes, she is married with a child, but she is also a young woman who likes to think that guys like you still want to fuck her.

I have said before in this magazine that pursuing an affair with a married woman is filled with complications that make whatever you gain from it not worth the strain and sacrifice. The same goes for your young mom crush.

However, a young married mom presents you with an opportunity different from other married women. The latter women look to have an affair to fill both emotional and physical cravings. Young moms need neither. If you meet your young mom crush under the right circumstance, you may be able to fulfill your fantasy without anyone getting hurt.

Your crush?s lifestyle gives you an obvious opening. Meet her when she?s out with her friends. Find ways of inserting yourself into her night life?when she is out without her husband. If she is into you, she will encourage it. That?s when it will happen?that is when the two of you will have the one night of sex that you?ve both been craving. After it?s over, you can both go back to your lives as they are?no hassle, no fuss.

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About Christopher Reid Chris was born in Washington, D.C. and lives in Britain. He works as a blogger, essayist, and novelist. His first book, Tea with Maureen, has just been published.

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