Use YOUR Passions to Attract Women

Below is a quick little post from Sebastian of Master the Vibe. I firmly believe in what he is saying and am actually planning on writing a post about this in the near future. Read my review of Master the Vibe.

Using Your Passions to Attract Women by Sebastian Drake

Done for the right reasons, anything you’re passionate about can be
shown to girls in a situationally relevant, thoughtful, fluid way.
This will always be +V+A and almost always prompt them to inquire
about more, think about you more, and often respond in kind. (+C)

In short, showing your passions, dreams, hobbies, excitement, art
makes women more attracted to you. This is not exactly “top secret”
knowledge but many men strive to appear something they are not.
This isn’t necessary. You can gently, calmly teach girls how to
play video games. I’ve known men with really loyal hot girlfriends
to get girls playing games like Halo, those ridiculous large giant
unbeatable games like World of Warcraft (note: introducing anyone
to one of these, I would think, is a sin and will condemn you to
hell even if you are an athiest – and no, I most certainly do not
count any of these games among my own vices).

Heck, I knew a guy who introduced girls to playing Dungeons and
Dragons with his group. He’d always be a 17+ Charisma paladin that
got women, and when he broke up with the girl, his group would
leave her character in the nearest town until my Lawful Good friend
picked up his neck rogue assassin tavern wench. It’s very possible
to get girls into whatever you’re into. I sent most of the girls I
care about a haiku just now:

Ocean takes the sand
Seashells break, return to Earth
Memories remain

I’m not quitting my day job 😉 Keep playing,


Master the Vibe

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