Best Weekend Reading From Around the Web

Best Weekend Reading

BailarinaI just released a new interview with Race de Preist and Tim Tarango all about becoming social rockstars, changing beliefs, and using NLP for installing new powerful states.  Listen to the interview here.

Tim and Race also put up a FREE really high quality video course… you can grab the entire course at Social Rockstar TV.

Weekend Eye Candy:  Megan Fox looks hot in granny panties

My latest column for The Bachelor Guy has just been released.  Its called The 4 Most Dangerous Mistakes Guys Make When Approaching Women… let me know what you think!

Here is how to be a memorable man.

I’m not into this whole Twilight Vampire thing.. but chicks dig it.  So maybe you can learn something from a picking up chicks from New Moon.

Charming Rogue posted a new article by El Topo called Stripper Game:  Seperating Myth from Reality…. always interesting to hear new perspectives on pulling strippers.

Andy from Pua Training, put a cool post about all about the 7 Villains of Day Game… a must read for all you guys interested in picking up women during the day.

Weekend Eye Candy:  Kelly Doll could get it

We all know how attractive leadership is… here are 7 Signs of a Leader.

Carlos Xuma has a pretty cool Inner Game video up.  I’ve been getting Carlos’s emails lately and highly recommend getting on his list.

Fan of MMA?  Check out the 50 Greatest MMA Dominations

Best Weekend Deals

Take a bootcamp with AFC Adam Lyons for under $1000 for three days of intensive training with him.

Grab a copy of Art of Approaching for under $10.  Its a great ebook… and you can’t beat the price.

Also, grab a copy of my free ebook filled with PUA Openers…177 to be exact.

And I’m still a huge fan of Brad P’s Fashion Bible… best money you’ll spend on fashion advice (which is MUCH more important that you realize.

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