10 Tips for the Inexperienced Seducer

Take Notes, Newby

Here we go again, another fucking article giving some advice to newbies. Stfu?

1. You have two reasons to game: you and her. Things that might help you generally get better with broads don?t necessarily help win that specific girl you?re gaming. For example, if you have hesitation going sexual, it?s a good idea to try being super sexual in every set, even to the point of being creepy. That may not score any chicks, but it?ll help you get past your hesitation. Call it growing pains. There?s nothing wrong with doing stuff that?s counter-productive or weird at the moment if it?s gonna help you in the long-run.

2. You should be losing a shit-load of sets. Girls oughta be going dead air, should be walking away, blowing you off, et cetera. If you?re not getting these responses, then you are playing it too safe. The safer you play it, the longer this process will take you. Losing sets is a good thing. Don?t let it affect you negatively. As you ?normalize,? you will find more people are more receptive to you. ?Til then, burn the ships.

3. You?re out there to fuck girls. All the other stuff like working the room and getting numbers is swell, and sometimes essential steps on your path to fucking girls. But until you start fucking girls, you won?t actually see the matrix. A lot of the stuff you thought was important (like how you open), becomes superfluous. You then learn what actually gets the job done, and start redirecting your energy there.

4. You may create obstacles to your success. In fact, you probably will. Expect it and recognize it when it happens. Then find ways around these obstacles. The obstacles may be obvious, like inventing excuses not to approach or blaming your wings, to less obvious, like not going for the lay when it probably would?ve happened. Your goal is to destroy all obstacles internally and externally, and then move each interaction along the path as smoothly as possible towards the close.

The King knows how to pick up the ladies

5. It?s mostly about your inner game. Not all about it, but mostly. The progress you make will primarily be a result of you getting your inner game under control; that?s one reason why it?s impossible to judge your progress by comparing yourself to anybody else. Unfortunately, figuring out where you need to improve your inner game, learning how to fix it, and then putting the hard work in to get it handled is way tougher than the other stuff like getting attraction and logistics.

6. It?s usually your fault if a set doesn?t work. Maybe it is, maybe it?s not, but for the time being, assume it was something you did. If a girl was bitchy, it?s because you came across as disingenuous. If she doesn?t respond to your text, it?s because you went too sexual. If she gets bored on the date, it?s because you didn?t escalate. Whatever the problem, look for where you might have done it better, then work on fixing this. Blaming external factors usually makes you feel better, and that?s about it. It rarely leads to you getting better with women.

7. Whatever the community tells you to do, just fucking ignore it and try something else. There?s way too much dogma in the community. Some leads to results, but a lot of it is bull. When I look at my closes over the past years, I pretty much never touched the girl on the day 1. So I stopped touching girls and my numbers got more solid. Yeah, counter-community, but I do whatever works for me. Test out everything you?re taught, then discard the crap that isn?t working.

8. Drop the ego. Nobody gives a fuck if you banged a girl, or pulled, or got 10 numbers. It?s all about you and your progress as a sociable and seductive man. In a year from now, because the community attrition rate is so high, nobody you?re currently trying to impress will even be hanging around you. The longer you cling to your ego, the harder this process is gonna be for you. Listen to guys who?ve been around and have made the mistakes you?re making; they aren?t giving you advice to show off, they?re usually doing it to save you time and effort.

9. This may be one of the hardest things you?ll ever do. My three years of breaking through my anxieties and social inadequacies, and learning how to seduce women was on par with going to med school, as far as difficulty. Because as men we like to problem-solve. But you can?t usually problem-solve this process, since the effort doesn?t equal tangible results, you get no feedback from the girls who dead air you, there may be a million different variables that contributed to losing girls, and in the end all you can do is speculate about where you need to improve. It can be frustrating as hell with little reward. Assuming you?re like most socially awkward newbs who aren?t good with girls, if you don?t commit the next few years to working on this ? and I mean seriously committing, no matter what – then you probably aren?t gonna get good at it.

10. The results are worth the effort, so keep at it no matter how long it takes. If you want to be comfortable in your own skin, lose your limiting beliefs and static, and have a selection of great women to choose from, then endure the pain. But if you don?t mind being a prisoner of your fears, and are willing to settle for whatever, then don?t bother. For those of you who stick with it and actually make the full transformation, there?s no better way of being. If you find yourself working at it for more than a year and still not making progress, then you?re probably making some major mistakes and need to seek out better advice.

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