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Sexual Myths and The Secret to Seduction

Myths About Getting Laid

A couple days ago I posted part one of an interview I did with Sinn called The 5 Myths of Getting Laid. ?That interview dispelled a lot of myths about seduction.

In this interview, Sinn delves further into this idea of creating sexual attraction

Myth #4:? Women Are Not As Sexual As Men

JS: The fourth big myth keeping you from getting laid as much as you want to, is that Women are not as sexual as men. We already talked about how Women enjoy casual sex, but the next thing that guys have to realize is that women are as sexual if not more sexual than Men.

The power of the Female sex drive is incredible, in fact one need only pick up the book Sperm Wars by Robin Baker to see how easily and consistently women outsmart men sexually in order to get access to the best possible genes to make sexy sons and daughters.

So knowing that women are sexual creatures is one thing, but being able to unleash that sexual side of a woman is a whole other issue. In fact most men have no idea how to bring out that sexual part of a woman naturally and normally.

But it?s much simpler, than most guys think it is.

In fact to bring out a woman?s sexual side, all you have to do is talk to that specific sexual part of her personality. In psychology this is referred to as a subpersonality. Every woman has a sexualized subpersonality. It?s just that most of the time, men can?t bring that part of her out. The best way to bring out a woman?s sexual side is through the use of cold reads.

(watch Jon do a demonstration of his #1 all-time sexual attraction technique)

Myth #5:? Seduction Only Has to Do with the Words You Speak

JS: The last myth is that ?Seduction? has only to do with the words you speak.

One thing that always use to weird me out when I was teaching workshops every weekend, was watching how far away from the girls students would stand and how little they would touch.

If you are not touching a girl consistently throughout the entire seduction process, you are shooting yourself in the foot with a bazooka. Seduction is not about words. When it comes down to it the process of seducing a woman is a physical one. You have to get the woman comfortable with you touching her in three separate and distinct ways through out the interaction.

They are:

1. ?Socially. This is the first kind of touching we?re going to start off with. Social touching is any kind of touching you would be comfortable doing to your boss at work. The best place to use social touching is between the elbow and shoulder.

2. ?Intimately. Intimate touching is all about touching the girl in a way that indicates there is some sort of romantic or sexual relationship between the two of you. A good thing to do for intimate touching is to make a list of all the things you do physically with a girl you are already sleeping with.

3. ?Sexually. You have to get a woman comfortable with you touching her in sexual ways and areas. If a woman is not willing to let you put your hand on her inner thigh, she is not going to sleep with you. You have to start progressively making her more and more comfortable with you touching her in ways that are sexual.

When you look seducing women as a verbal AND non-verbal experience both the both of you, you?ll get much better results.

Watch Jon do a Demo of his All-Time Favorite Technique

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