Think Like a Mullet and Get the Girl

Here?s the thing.? If she can sum you up in a single glance, chances are you aren?t going to find yourself hanging around her much longer than that.?? For the most part, women like a challenge and tend to get bored easily.? If she thinks she?s got you figured out, she?s going to move on fast.? So how to avoid the once over and pass?

What I?m about to say to you might sound a little strange but if you take it as theory and not literally (dear GOD do not take it literally), you?ll see why it works.? Ok, here it is:?

Be Like The Mullet

Don't literally wear a mullet

That?s right, I?m referring to the traileresque Americana trash hairstyle rocked by the likes of Wallmart?patrons and 60 year old strippers.?? You know, all business in the front and party in the back.?? Once again, I am not telling you to get one, I?m telling you to think like one.

If you can manage to come off as a walking contradiction, you?ve just upped your chances of her taking a minute to stop and try to figure you out ? even if she?s not entirely sure she likes what she sees.? The intrigue alone will get your foot in the door.

This doesn?t mean I?m telling you to act bipolar or anything like that.?? It?s my personal opinion that you should act like yourself. What I am referring to, however, is that your appearance should manage to say two different things about you.? After all, her initial response will be formed within those first few seconds so it?s these precious moments that should be your focus.

What makes the mullet so hard to look away from is that it?s two styles in one.?? Applying this to your own look will make her think long and hard about what box you fit into (pun intended).? Try contradicting your hair style with the rest of your attire.? If you are a suit wearing kind of guy, go for a more street-wear inspired hair style such as a forward falling faux hawk or even a buzzed fade cut as seen on the likes of David Beckham.? Not only will this open you up to a wider range of women, but it will also break down her defenses.

If you are more of the casual jeans and t-shirt type, try a retro tapered cut like the smoothly side parted ?do of Don Draper a la Mad Men or the slicked back stylings of the gentlemen from Boardwalk Empire. ?Take it even one step further and switch out your kicks for a pair of sweet leather loafers.

You can mix it up in your wardrobe as well.? Try wearing a pair of ripped jeans with a dress shirt and blazer or pair a vintage inspired tee with a suit for a look that says you mean business up front but you?re a party in the sack.

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About Tienlyn Jacobson Tienlyn Jacobson is a musician, stylist and fashion writer. She has lived in numerous cities including Melbourne, New York and Los Angeles but considers San Francisco to be her home. She writes for a number of publications such as Fashionising, Beauty and Style, Denim Magazine and the Chaos Magazine blog.