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5 Essential Tips For Weight Training Beginners

Stepping into the gym for the first time can be a daunting task, especially if you?re a complete novice to working out. However, it should be something that you embrace ? not fear. You?re now on the road to getting bigger muscles, stronger bones and increased strength. With that in mind, to avoid injury, proper form and correct volume are both essential when lifting weights.

So before you grab those dumbbells, it?s important we run through a couple of tips for you to take on board:

1. Start Slow

Make minor adjustments to your routine each day so you barely notice it. This way, you?ll get into positive habits and build up strength a lot faster than going straight into the heavy weights using incorrect form.

2. Stand Up Straight

The correct posture for most exercises is shoulders back, chest out, standing (or sitting) tall with your abs tight. Good form equals better results and reduces?the chance of injury.

3. Control The Weight

As a beginner, never use weights that are so heavy that you need momentum to lift it. You should be able to pause for at least one second before lifting the weight.

4. Stay Hydrated

Your muscle is 75% water, so keeping the correct amount of fluids on board is key. You can also try weighing yourself before and after working out and drink the difference in ounces of water.

5. Embrace The Dumbbells

You?ll rarely have to wait to use these in the gym and you won?t need a spotter. Also, dumbbells work your muscles a lot harder than machines, meaning quicker results.

Beginners Workout Routine

Now that we’ve got those points out of the way, why not see if you can handle?this exercise plan over at Men?s Fitness. For the weight routines, choose a load that allows you to do a few more reps than the prescribed number. For example, if it says 12 reps select a weight where you can do 15 reps. Here?s a snippet of the workout:

1. Front Squat Sets:2-3 Reps:8 Rest: 60 sec. Start with the barbell on the supports of a power rack at about shoulder height. Grab the bar overhand and raise your elbows until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Now lift the bar off the rack, letting it roll toward your fingers-this is where it should rest throughout the exercise (as long as you keep your elbows raised, you won’t have trouble balancing the bar) [1]. Squat as low as you can [2], and then drive with your legs to return to the starting position. That’s one rep.

2A. Three-Point Dumbbell Row
Reps:?12 (each arm)
Rest:?30 sec
Grab a dumbbell in your left hand and rest the other hand on a flat bench for support. Keeping your back straight and your?shoulders?level with the floor, row the weight up to your chest. Lower the dumbbell to return to the starting position. That’s one rep. Complete 8-10 reps with the left arm, and then switch sides.



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