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How to tell if she is the jealous type

A woman who you are just casually seeing, or have only recently started a relationship with, is not going to be upfront about being jealous. At first, she is going to portray herself as the ?cool girlfriend?, who does not mind if you go out for a boys? night or catch up with a female friend.

She won?t tell you when you ask

You may think the easiest way to find out if she is jealous is to ask her. This will not yield anything useful. Regardless of whether or not she is jealous, she will tell you she is not. Asking outright is not the way to find out.

She makes a big show of not being jealous

The biggest warning sign is when she is trying her hardest to seem like she is fine with whatever you do. She will tell you she does not care if you text another girl, and may repeat this several times. If she genuinely was not jealous, she would be unlikely to say anything about the matter unless you asked.

She asks a lot of questions

You mention that you got lunch with your childhood best friend (who happens to be a woman). This seems to be fine at first. Your new girlfriend might say ?okay, that sounds fun,? her expression not betraying a hint of jealousy. Then, she begins asking you questions. They seem like innocent enough questions, but she is trying to catch you out. She might ask what you ordered- if you stumble over such a simple question, it will seem like perhaps you were doing something else entirely with your friend. If she has not met your friend, she may ask questions about what this woman is like. This is likely because she is trying to compare herself. What she really wants to know is if you are attracted to your friend. You may think that your girlfriend is just curious about your day, but really she is trying to find out if there is anything to be jealous of.

She makes plans to spite you

You?re going out with your friends? Fine, she will make plans to go out with her friends. You flirted with the bartender? Then she will flirt with the waiter right in front of you. She is acting out of character to try to make you jealous; in order that you will stop doing whatever it is that is making her jealous. She may also be seeking attention from others because she feels neglected when not receiving your full attention.

She blanks you

After you have done something that made her jealous, she suddenly becomes cold. She insists that there is nothing wrong, but seems more on edge than usual. This is because she is annoyed at you. She may be subtly altering her behaviour on purpose, to discourage you from doing it again without having to actually confront you about it. Or, it may be totally involuntary. This would indicate that she is incredibly jealous. She is trying to keep her cool and pretend that she is fine with whatever happened, but she is most definitely not fine with it.

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