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Which Sleep Style Is The Healthiest?

The Best Sleeping Positions

You may not be aware that your sleeping position can affect your health in both a positive and negative manner. Back pain is the most common problem which arises from a poor sleeping style, however many sufferers fail to realize this and consign themselves to a lifetime battle of discomfort.

Your sleeping position ultimately determines whether or not you experience a flare-up. It?s also important to note though, that back pain is very much individualized ? the best position for one person might be the complete opposite for someone else.

Changing sleeping styles which have been reinforced for years isn?t easy, but with enough patience, you can make huge strides in alleviating back pain. Over at Keep Inspiring, they have some thoughts on the best sleeping position for people with spinal problems:

Best ? Side Sleeping

This might be the best sleeping position for lower back pain. However, it may be necessary to make an adjustment or two.

When a sleeper lies on one side, the top leg tends to roll forward and down so it can rest on the mattress. This can create a twisting pressure on the lower back, and this can also irritate the sciatic nerve.

Worst ? Stomach Sleeping

There is virtually nothing positive about sleeping on your stomach. It causes your back to arch unnaturally, and this can certainly contribute to ongoing pain.

In other words, when you sleep in a prone position, you?re causing your back to maintain an extension.

Be warned ? this will be a long and painstaking process. However, it?s your health at the end of the day and is well worth the effort.?Make sure to turn your bedroom into a place designed for optimum sleep.?Keep the temperature cool, ensure the room is dark enough and grab any useful accessories such as extra pillows.

Try and nod off in your new sleeping position. If you wake up in your habitual position, then flip back to the new one. This will help train your body into remembering?the best position for your back.

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