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Building Social Proof In The Strip Club

Dominate the Strip Club

Mastering the concept of ?social proof? is HUGE if you?re going to become an expert on picking up women ? and this is especially true if you want to dominate strip clubs and pick up the hottest strippers.

The concept of social proof was first put to use in the advertising/marketing industry. Marketers figured out that one of the KEYS to making people desire a product, and want to make a purchase, was seeing (or even just hearing about) a lot of other people using and enjoying that product.

One example, from my youth, was the Cabbage Patch Kids. During one weird point in the 1980s, these toy dolls became an absolute PHENOMENON. They were selling so fast that the stores couldn?t keep them in stock. When Christmas came, parents were lining up in the toy stores to try to buy a Cabbage Patch Kid for their child, because it was ALL that any kid wanted. I remember seeing on the news ? RIOTS were literally breaking out in the stores! Parents were actually getting into fist-fights over the few remaining dolls. Some parents were paying upwards of $1,000 for them on the ?black market!? (Yes, there was actually a black market for friggin? Cabbage Patch Kids — and for a brief time, they were more profitable than selling cocaine!)

Befriend the bouncers to get the strippers

Of course, a year later, no one gave a shit about Cabbage Patch Kids. It turned out to be a silly, flash-in-the-pan fad, like so many others. But it was an example of SOCIAL PROOF in action.

EVERY KID desperately wanted one of these dolls, and they were in extremely short supply, which drove up the demand even more ? even if none of this shit made any logical sense!? The most valuable form of social proof, from an advertising standpoint, is having a celebrity ?pitch? your product. In the United States, the big stars refuse to appear in commercials or on billboards. But over in Asia, they rake in huge money this way.

Why should you trust a brand of coffee, or whiskey, or a diet soda, just because Brad Pitt or Nicholas Cage is plastered across some billboard, holding it in their hand? Are they ?experts? on this product?

No, they probably don?t have a clue. Chances are, they wouldn?t even drink it! But they are FAMOUS, and they lend that product enormous SOCIAL PROOF by endorsing it. People automatically think ? if this famous person, that millions of people like, is endorsing this product ? it MUST be great!

So now let?s discuss how this relates to YOU.

You, in your own way, should always build social proof so that women see YOU as a ?valuable prize.? Social proof means that other people VOUCH for you. They are giving other women ?proof? that you?re a cool guy.

Two Guys Walk Into A Bar

Consider two guys at a bar: Guy A, and Guy B.

Guy A is standing by himself, holding his beer against his chest, trying to look ?cool? but not talking to anyone.

Guy B is surrounded by a group of friends ? cool-looking guys, and a few very attractive women. They?re all laughing and having a great time. Every few minutes, a beautiful woman will stop by the group, and greet Guy A with a hug and a kiss.

Now, which guy do you think EVERY OTHER GIRL IN THE BAR is curious about? Guy A, naturally. He has MASSIVE SOCIAL PROOF. All the other girls are thinking, ?that guy MUST be fucking cool!? The other girls ASSUME that he is hot, and cool, and awesome, ALL BECAUSE of how OTHER PEOPLE are reacting to him.

In my best-selling ?Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction? program, we talk about how important social proof is in the strip club.

What does this mean? Well, it means building ALLIANCES with…

– the doormen
– the DJ
– the waitresses
– the bartenders
– the manager

And…the owner, too, if you can get a chance to meet him.

Be the cool guy at the club

Just imagine, the next time you walk into the strip club, ALL OF THESE PEOPLE are happy to see you. The big, hulking bouncer shakes your hand and give you a slap on the back. The cute cocktail waitress gives you a hug and a kiss and escorts you to your table. The manager walks over to greet you, and buys you a drink.

At the same time, EVERY STRIPPER in the club is checking you out! They?re all thinking, ?Who?s THIS guy? He MUST be somebody special…? And they?re ALSO thinking, ?this guy is NOT a typical customer…?

This is going to make your job SO MUCH EASIER when the strippers approach you and talk to you. They already KNOW that you?re ?special.? They assume you are NOT a regular customer. Then, you?re going to use the step-by-step conversational tactics that are explained in the SCS program ? and the DEAL CLOSING methods that will get you laid THAT NIGHT, once she finishes her shift.

Two quick tips for building alliances…

If you want to be buddies with the doorman, buy a Red Bull or a bottle of water at the bar, and bring it to him. Tell him, ?Hey man, I?ve been buying drinks for the girls, and I figured you could use one. My name?s ________.?

When he thanks you and shakes your hand, tell him, ?You must be the envy of every guy, working in a club full of half-naked women every night. You make me want to consider a career switch.?

Whenever I use this line, the doorman will chuckle and start telling me why his job is NOT a dream job, and it?s actually a hassle, etc. Then I talk to him about it for a couple of minutes, and nod my head, and then I excuse myself. I tell him, ?bro, it was great to meet you, I need to run back inside ? I?ve got a drink waiting. I?ll be back soon.?

(The next time you return to the club, that doorman is going to REMEMBER you ? and give you social proof.)

Know the Manager

You should also meet the manager. This is easy to do. When you?re sitting down, just tell your waitress that you want to meet the manager because you need to ask him a question. The waitress will point out the manager. (If he?s not on the floor presently, he will appear soon.) Then, you walk up to him, introduce yourself, and tell him:

?My best friend is getting married, and I?m in charge of the bachelor party. I love your club, and I was thinking this would be the perfect place for it.?

Ask him about the prices. How much to rent out a VIP room for a few hours? How many strippers could you have in the VIP room for that price? Chat with the guy about it. Tell him it sounds awesome. Make sure he knows your name, and get his name.

Ask him how long he?s been managing the club. Use the same line you used on the doorman: tell him how he must be the envy of all of his buddies. (And then, let him tell you why his job is NOT so great. Strip club employees, including the strippers, will always bitch about their jobs.) So now, this manager is ON YOUR TEAM. He knows you are a cool guy and you?ve got money to spend. Of course, you are never going to actually throw a bachelor party at his club ? but it doesn?t matter. The next time you come back to the club, he knows you, and he welcomes you. That?s his job ? to make the important customers feel welcome.

If he ever asks you about the bachelor party, you can tell him ?my buddy isn?t getting married until next year, so we?ve got awhile to plan it? or, you can just say that your buddy got ?cold feet? and the wedding is off. (Spin it into a funny conversation; tell the manager, ?how can a guy tie the knot and settle down with one woman, knowing that there are clubs like THIS?? This always makes the manager smile and leads to a fun conversation.) Here?s the bottom line, which applies to strip clubs and any other bar, nightclub, coffee shop, or anywhere else you regularly go to hang out and hopefully meet women: you MUST make alliances with the staff.

And it?s not just to impress the women who are there. When you BRING a woman to this place, you want the staff to know you, and ?show you love.? Once you understand how and why women are attracted to certain types of men, and how the dating ?game? works, you will see things in a whole NEW way.

Emotions of attraction can be ?sparked? in ANY woman … whether it?s a friend, a stripper, an actress, your next door neighbor, etc. it doesn?t really matter. All you need is just to learn the right HOW to do it information and you’ll see how EASY it can be done.

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