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My Favorite Bold Approaches

A Few Examples To Try Out

How to use the direct approach right

I like to approach women as if I?m upset at them, at first, and then relieve the tension with a compliment. For example, if I see a woman dancing sexily, I?ll go up to her and say, ?You can?t do that.?

She?ll say, ?Excuse me?!?

And I?ll say, ?You?re too sexy. I can?t think straight when you dance like that!? And then smile. This is fun, bold, and surprising.

I have a whole list of openers like this, but I rarely say them verbatim. It?s better to improvise so that you come off more natural. Women don?t like it if they think you planned out what you say to her. I?ll give you some more examples so that you understand my formula.

?You. Get back here. You can?t walk past me and not talk to me. What?s your name??

?I hate you. I totally didn?t want to talk to women tonight but I gotta meet you.?

?You?re such a little distraction. My friend was just trying to tell me a story and I totally zoned out when I saw you over here.?

The Direct Approach

Those are some fun, bold approaches using misdirection. I also like to approach in a direct, straightforward way. Be careful with this – there are two ways you can screw up a direct approach. The first way is by not being warm and happy enough. If you are too quiet, nervous, and appear sullen, she will not respond well.

Also, if the situation is quiet, or static, a direct approach will be too intense. Save direct approaches for a bar or club, or on the street – or any situation where you have a small window of time and have to get straight to the point.

Here are some of my favorite things to say.

?You look great tonight.?

?You look great in that dress.?

?I love your hair.?

?You?re so beautiful – I have to meet you.?

?You are too cute.?

?You?re adorable. What?s your name.?

Notice I keep it simple. That?s the best way. See, the less you say, while still getting your point across, the more powerful your words are. When you don?t feel the need to use a lot of words, you are essentially relying on your energy (and not your words) to get the job done. That?s the best way. It?s a myth to think you can talk your way into a woman?s pants. The less talking the better. Use your opening line to break the ice, show her you?re a bold man, and convey your sexual intention. When done right, she will welcome your attention!

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