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How to look better in photos

Looking stylish in real life is important, but even the most well-dressed guy can look seedy in photos if he is doing the wrong pose. Here are some basic tips to ensure you present well for photographs.

No stupid poses

Some men do goofy poses or facial expressions when the camera comes out, because they are embarrassed to be seen posing properly. Drop the self-consciousness, and learn how to smile for a photo. No pouting, no peace signs, and no thumbs up. One of the worst poses that men do is pointing at the other person. It looks silly, and it is obvious to everyone else that you are only doing it because you are uncomfortable in front of the camera. There is no shame in practising your perfect smile in front of the mirror until you are confident you have the right look for a photo.

Don?t face the light

Squinting is not a good look. When you are facing a bright light source, your eyes cannot help but close up. It also makes your pupils contract, which makes for a less attractive picture. It is not your fault if the person taking the photograph is too amateur to realise that they are forcing you to look directly into the sun; however, it is in your best interests to tell them that it?s not a good position. You want to be facing away from the light source. This does not need to mean that the light is directly behind you, either. This may result in a photo that is too dark. Neither you nor the should be directly facing the sun or lightbulb.

Go side-on

A slightly angled photograph will be the most flattering. Rather than being front-on to the camera, angle your body slightly, and then turn your face towards the camera. This is not specific to body type, as it is not about hiding anything. Even if you have a muscleman body that you want to show off, it will still look impressive from the side.

Stand tall

Correct posture is essential to photographing well. Surprisingly, this applies when it is not a full-body photograph. Even if it is only a shot of your head, it will show in the shoulder area if you have good posture. Pay particular attention to how you position your head. Rather than drop your chin, hold your head up straight. Be careful not to hold your head too high, however, or the will see right up your nose.

Drop the drinks (and worse)

You do not look your most respectable when you are guzzling alcohol. Photos are often taken at parties, where you may be holding a drink or a cigarette. Put down your vice of choice when it is time for a photo. If you cannot put it down anywhere, try angling yourself so the hand holding your drink is behind you. This is also easy to do in a photo with another person- put your arm around them, with your drink being hidden behind their back.

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