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How to write an effective online dating profile

Impress Her with Your Profile

Online dating gives you the chance to put your best foot forward. You are completely in control of how you come across. Craft an interesting and impressive profile description and you will have women rushing to contact you.

Name an interesting skill

A slightly off-beat hobby or talent you have is excellent fodder for an online dating profile. Being a cake baking enthusiast or playing soccer on a local team are decent examples. This gives her something to ask you about, and makes you look like a well-rounded person. Give a small amount of detail, rather than having a long list of your interests. Writing ?I make a mean beef stir-fry, I play guitar in a three-piece band and I love reading murder mysteries in my spare time? is much better than ?I like cooking, playing guitar and reading?.

However, do not give too much information. Saying ?I was raised tri-lingual? is interesting, explaining where each of your grandparents is from is horrifyingly boring.

If you do not yet have an intriguing skill, you need to get one. Your profile will be much more interesting if you can say something like ?I have just started taking French classes. Bonjour!?

Show, don?t tell

Describing your version of your personality is worse than useless. Something like ?I am a funny and kind person with plans to make a lot of money? lacks creativity, and at worst is a real turn-off. Describe your hobbies, interests and accomplishments instead. To give the impression of being funny, you might say that you are going to do your first amateur stand-up comedy gig soon. To show you are financially ambitious, you could say that you run your own home business or that you?re a stock market geek. Of course, these claims have to be based in truth, but if you genuinely possess the traits you claim to have, there should be evidence from your life.

Specify what you want

Most dating websites have a section in which you write what you are looking for in the opposite sex. You need to be especially careful with this section. You do not want to drive away women that you are potentially interested in, but you also do not want to give the impression that you are desperate and will go for anything with a pulse. Briefly describe a few traits you would look for in a girlfriend. Something like ?You will be fun, ambitious and clever? is ideal. Describe generic aspects of personality rather than physical attributes. Saying you have a thing for Chinese women, for example, will result in no women contacting you. Chinese women will think you?re creepy, and non-Chinese women will skip over you entirely.

If there is no other section to specify what type of relationship you are looking for, you should do that here. Do not use too many euphemisms for what you are looking for, and keep it brief. Saying ?I am seeking a serious relationship with the right person? or ?I want to have fun and am not interested in a serious relationship at the moment? will do the trick.


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